The manufacturing base of GETO in Jiangxi, China
The manufacturing base of GETO in Hubei, China
Manufacturing Base In Guangdong, South of China
The manufacturing base of GETO in Shandong, China

4 Manufacturing Bases

  • 200,000 ㎡ Manufacturing Base In Jiangxi, East of China
  • 340,000㎡ Manufacturing Base In Hubei, Central China
  • 270,000㎡ Manufacturing Base In Guangdong, South of China
  • 270,000㎡ Manufacturing Base In Shandong, North of China

High Quality Starts From Superior Material

  • Aluminium Material
  • Reliable Suppliers
  • Profile Standard
  • The brand new material in our warehouse
    100% New Material

    At GETO, we only accept and use 100% new material of 6061-T6 aluminum to manufacture the profile to build our formwork which have higher mechanical performance, compared with the formwork built of used aluminum. So we can better guarantee the safety and lifespan of products for long-term services.

  • One reliable supplier of GETO
    Top Suppliers

    Cooperating with some of the top 10 aluminium alloy and profile suppliers allows our clients to benefit from their quick delivery and stable quality.

  • GETO aluminium profile Standards Beyond Average
    Standards Beyond Average

    At the stage of profile extrusion, our supplier will conduct the production according to the GETO Standard which is far stricter than the average in the industry, especially on dimensional tolerance, yield strength and tensile strength.

    In this way, we can provide the best formwork in manner of quality and stability.

A technician is inspecting the raw material profiles
Two technicians are comparing the test reports on materials

Tests On Profiles To Guarantee Performance

To builders, safety is number one. At GETO, we have always kept this in mind. Our engineers work tirelessly to guarantee your safety with superior quality which starts from 3 rounds of tests on raw materials.

• Upon the arrival of all materials, we will ask for the test report by the third party to inspect the quality.

• Besides that, our engineer will inspect for the profiles's dimensions, deviation, and strength.

• Meanwhile, we will pick out some samples at random, and send to a reliable third party to conduct the third test.

The Latest Friction Stir Welding

In-House Mass Production

A worker is cutting aluminum profile into designed sizes

All aluminum profiles will be cut into preset sizes and shapes by our advanced CNC cutting machines.

A worker is operating the automatic punching machine

We will employ the automatic punching machine to create holes and the milling machine to make slots at precision places.

A worker is welding irregular panels together

Combining friction stir welding, robot welding, and manual welding allows us to seam the cutting profiles perfectly.

One worker is treating the formwork panel with anti powder coating
Powder Coating

Powder coating finish can insulate acute chemical reactions between the concrete and the aluminium, especially the first three uses of the formwork.

A worker is labeling a QR code on the formwokr panel

For the whole formwork system, QR codes will be labeled on all parts to help the builder to recognize each panels and its installation position.

A worker is preparing the mockup of formwork

Before delivery, we will do the mockuo to the formwork is 100% matching with the structural design.

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