Our Own Lab

  • BIM System Development

    GETO has made a big investment to develop the BIM automatic modulation system.

  • VR System Research

    With a research team of talented engineers, GETO has developed the VR system to make the online inspection a reality.

Cooperation With Universities

  • Aluminium Formwork Structural Mechanics Lab

    With the support of a cooperative laboratory with Nanchang Hangkong University, we can test the loading capacity of different structural designs. By doing so, we can and find the perfect system to control budget under the premise of ensuring safety and serving life.

  • Aluminium Formwork Welding Technology Lab

    Through thousands of trial welding operations, we know better how to combine three kinds of welding technology to achieve the most efficient application.

    We know how much the 1mm increase in welding width will cost and how that will improve the strength of the formwork, which can help us to find an optimal solution to refine the present product.

  • Aluminium Formwork Surface Treatment Lab

    To enhance the weather resistance of our steel scaffold and accessories to meet the application in rainy environments and guarantee their lifespan, our research lab will conduct various experiments like a hydrochloric acid test to verify the performance of a different coating.

  • Aluminium Formwork Robot Application Lab

    By introducing robot welding into our mass production, GETO has significantly improved its productivity.

    Now, we are studying to improve the application of robot machines to make the most of them.

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