ousing Project In Dammam And Jeddah,KSA,Saudi Arabia

① This housing project is one of the greatest housing project of VISION 2030 which will supply 1,500,000 units of house to citizens when it is finished;
② GETO provided tie rod system and the fastest construction solution compared with traditional way which helped the owner complete the project easily.

Tri Zen, Sri Lank

① Tri-zen is the landmark project in Sri Lanka with three super high rise residential buildings;
② Tri-zen project is the first application try of aluminum formwork system work with self-climbing platform in Sri Lanka;
③ GETO provided integrative design of aluminium formwork system and self-climbing platform system, improving the efficacy of structural work progress for superhigh skyscrapers and ensuring the safety of personnel in the construction process.

Meadows Of Camelot, Philippines

① As a government project, MOC is a big affordable housing project in Cebu which has two villa types and totals hundreds units;
② The contractor has never used aluminum formwork system, GETO arranged technical assistance at site to ensure the project going well;
③ The products and services of GETO were highly praised by the client.

The GIA Tower-Phnom Penh-Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia

① The GIA Tower is GETO first climbing system project in oversea market and Cambodia;
② The main difficulty of this 43 floors office building project is to optimize the self-climbing platform structure and adjust the lifting procedures for the 18 and 28 floors of 7.3 meters;
③ GETO’s great job ensured the safety of workers and boosted construction productivity of the project.

Huayue City, Taiwan, China

① The first successful trial of video technical guidance under the background of covid pandemic lockdown;
② The first time of client’s labor team working with aluminum formwork;
③ The first time collaborating with client’s BIM technical team on formwork planning.

Tsuen Wan West MTR Station Cover, Hongkong, China

① The project has received full attention in Hongkong, China and also is GETO’s first application try of station cover project;
② GETO provided flat tie system for this project and accumulated a lot of public construction experience from this project.

Eastern Heights, India

① This is a very nice Butterfly-shaped project which means that the project is very complicated;
② It is not only structural changes between floors, but also a lot of circular arcs;
③ GETO enabled fast and efficient construction, and nicely completed the aesthetic missions.

Park View Lotus – Oshiwara – Mumbai, India

① It is a mirrored structure, and butterfly-shaped with a lot of circular arcs;
② Multiple structure changes between floors that formwork reutilization has to be considered for all floor changes;
③ As required by customer, a specially tailored formwork solution was made to facilitate smooth concrete pouring for the podium with big circular columns (Dia.900 mm ) and a spiral sloping ramp.

One Bernam Condominium, Singapore

① In adherence to the industrialization of construction industry concept proposed by Singapore Government, GETO and its regional partner collectively developed innovation in crafting PPVC precast system;
② This innovation classified the rooms in every housing units as one modular unit for one-time molding in a precast production plant prior to delivery to construction sites;
③  In the process of precast production in plant, GETO PPVC Fully-Automated Formwork System Machine is used to assembly and detach building formworks and support frames;
④ Facilitated by intelligent automated alert checking system, every modular units are assured to be in effectively strengthened status, which is align with the strict requirement of Singaporean Government to allow only 1mm error for every meter of building precast structures.

Bedok North Woods(Bedok N4C9), Singapore

① Precast systems are widely used, averagely 70% by volume of the entire structural concrete used during the construction stage;
② The main challenge is shell optimization to ensure accurate connection joints between precast components.