Queens Peak, Singapore

① Differently arranged cantilevered balconies are projected outwards up to 4.2 meters;
② The structure of the project has many arcs;
③ GETO provided a complete formwork solution for walls, columns, slabs, staircases, elevator shafts and balconies;
④ The solution of GETO helped client to complete the project on time efficiently.

Inspiria Residence, Malaysia

① The project has podium and typical floors. There is a great difference in terms of structural design and floor height between podium and typical floors in a tower;
② GETO offer one set of aluminium formwork system that could be turnover and reused between non-typical floors and typical floors, by the efforts of modifying structural design of the project and enhancing the standardization level of aluminium formwork system set;
③ Meanwhile, GETO propose aluminium-timber mix and formwork strengthening solutions to our clients;
④ The solutions facilitate our clients in saving up construction material and labour cost, which consequently solve the pain point of our clients in bearing high cost to procure extra set of formwork for non-typical floor construction.

IBN Highland City, Malaysia

① The towers look like several flower petals dropped in the cloud and mist of the mountain;
② A collection of round columns, arc-shaped beams and unique-angled decks are combined to form the towers in the project, with very special structures consists of over 50% of special-shaped formwork in its aluminium formwork sets as designed;
③ GETO utilized its error-free 3D BIM Formwork Modulation System to design the formwork sets for the project;
④ GETO has done careful mock-up checks for the aluminium formwork sets after production, as to assure that the product sets were totally complete prior to delivery to the project site.

M Arisa@Mah Sing, Malaysia

① It is the first project in Malaysia that utilized aluminium quick-deck system of GETO to construct its podium part;
② For construction projects that consist of huge and flat structure without beams, GETO will introduce them to use Quick-Deck System with 1200 x 1800mm in its formwork size to build podiums;
③ The operational efficacy for this system is high, which can effectively speed up the progress of construction sites and satisfy the quality control needs of our clients.

Bayu Sutera, Malaysia

① Based on the project characteristics of terrace house project and the client’s budget, GETO offer customized aluminium formwork system turnover solution for clients;
② GETO proposes technical solution for aluminium formwork system turnover that takes mirror-like structure and party walls into account;
③ GETO assisted the client to maximize the turnover rate of aluminium formwork system in the project.

The Trion-BLK#C@Binastra, Malaysia

① For a tower with two types of typical floor design, GETO’s solution is to offer one set of aluminium formwork system for reuse and turn over throughout the tower;
② GETO equips its self-developed 3D BIM System to do automatic formwork modulation, correction and design. The integration of top-notch technology has made the formwork system design to reach the standard of no physical aluminium formwork mockup needed;
③ This outcome can facilitate our client to save construction cost, and improve the smoothness of construction progress on sites.

Forest City P52, Malaysia

① It is a landmark project consists of 2 towers with complex and changing structures;
② GETO offered aluminium formwork system with all building details, including positioning of electricity boxes and pipelines, exterior wall and high-precision floor fully casted in one shot.

Agile Embassy Garden, Malaysia


① By offering integrative design of aluminium formwork system and self-climbing platform system, GETO can contribute to improve the efficacy of structural work progress for superhigh skyscrapers and ensure the safety of personnel in the construction process;
② Since the towers are ultimately high with around 270m from the sea level, this project has concerns in stability of self-climbing platform;
③ GETO customizes design for several connecting points of aluminium formwork system and self-climbing platform system, such as offering extra strengthening accessory parts and steel frame structure.

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Queen Peak, Singapore

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