The“T1210 Villa Project” In Kuwait


In 2022, the aluminum formwork produced by JIANGXI GETO NEW MATERIALS CORPORATION LIMITED was delivered to Kuwait’s T1210 Villa Project. GETO, one of the best aluminum formwork manufacturers and suppliers, has much project experience worldwide with high-quality products and attentive service . 

 GETO wall panels column panels
GETO’s wall panels and column panels
Aluminum villa formwork
Aluminum villa formwork

1.Project Details:

The client used GETO aluminium formwork and accessories in the T1210 Villa project. This is the first Villa project in Kuwait using aluminium formwork system. Covering more than 500,000 square meters, the infrastructure includes 680 villas, mosques, markets, schools, and electricity channels which will undoubtedly be a new civic complex in the future.

2.Project Significance:

In such a traditional Arabic country, the aluminum villa formwork with high quality provided by GETO is a brand-new construction technology and material, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for both the local contractor and GETO. The local contractor needs to consider the local applicability of the aluminum formwork system, and GETO needs to consider guaranteeing the quality of the aluminum formwork system and services to the local market.

3.Project Feedback:

Fortunately, the site is progressing smoothly and the GETO’s high quality formwork system will be ready for concrete pouring. Here, we attach the photos of aluminum mold installation on the project site. Our client is exciting and looking forward to the concrete pouring. GETO aluminum Formwrok, your most faithful and reliable partner!

aluminum formwork installation
Installation of GETO‘s aluminum formwork system


Published: Dec 17, 2022

Last published: Nov 30, 2022