East Sabah Al Ahmad Project


1. Introduction of the project

From 2019, GETO, an aluminium formwork companies, devoted itself to be a listed material supplier of KUWAIT Public Authority for Housing Welfare, finally in 2022, we won the supplying ALUMINUM FORMWORK SYSTEM to East Sabah Al Ahmed Project, congrats!

aluminum formwork pre-assembly

2. Products supplied

GETO provides high-quality Column, Beam & Slabs of the Villas: GETO EARLY STRIP ALUMINUM FORMWORK SYSTEM.

aluminium formwork mock-up

3. Meaning of the project

① GETO supplied the clients, GETO ALUMINUM FORMWORK, which enabled us to further open the market in the Middle East region and improves the product influence and publicity degree of GETO.

② The project helped to establish a good relationship between local companies and Chinese enterprises, this good cooperative relationship enables us to increase the customer reserve and lays the foundation for the subsequent development of the company.

③ Our company’s GETO FORMWORK SYSTEM brings great benefits to local developers and contractors and brings beautiful and comfortable homes to local residents.

4. Problems encountered in the project

In the process of advancing the project, the clients have modified our aluminium design paper many times, which has increased the difficulties of the project.

5. The solutions to the problems

① Our designers actively communicated with customers, showed the strength and product quality of a China aluminium formwork factory, understood customer demands, and provided timely and effective solutions for customers.

② In the process of serving customers, we took out our sincerity to customers and actively expressed our willingness to cooperate with them, so that customers can feel our sincerity and finally reach cooperation.

6. Other service advantages

① Our company’s technical support actively and responsibly provided services for customers on site and helped customers solve problems, so that customers felt our professionalism and ability.

② Our supply of the project is timely and of good quality. We overcame the difficulties of supply chain shortage and delivered goods on time. We do the best supply chain risk management in the industry as a backup. In addition, each responsible person in charge of the project followed up timely, handled the project situation, and was responsible and serious.


Published: Jul 30, 2022

Last published: Jul 17, 2022