GETO Construction Project: How to Save 30% Budget Cost?


GETO provides aluminum formwork Utilization Re-design services for the construction project Hotel St. Vincent, making the project cost-effective and environmental-friendly.

Project Background

The beaches Hotel St. Vincent by sandals is designed with an ecological concept that integrates the exuberance of nature with a luxurious experience. It has 2 blocks of buildings, of 100 rooms each, with 5 levels, 90 villas distributed in the gardens, and 5 suites villa type located on the sea. At present, BLOCK 1 has been fully completed, and the BLOCK is almost finished. The pouring quality has been highly appreciated by customers.

Hotel St. Vincent's Construction Site
Hotel St. Vincent’s Construction Site

Project Solution

El hotel Beaches St.Vincent, consisting of two blokes. According to the customer’s requirements, GETO needs to provide the aluminum formwork systems and also provide the Utilization Re-design of aluminum formwork.

Through many communication with the client, GETO finally came up with a Utilization Re-design plan. The plan is to provide the aluminum formwork for four rooms every time, and later Utilization for the other four rooms. In this project, the rate of Utilization exceeds more than 90%, helping customers save 30% of the budget cost, which is cost-effective. In this way, the client only needs 1800 Square meters of aluminum formwork for the construction, saving the initial investment construction material cost.

Project Significance

This project marks a further entry into Saint Vincent and the Grenadines market for GETO aluminum formwork. GETO not only can provide customers with aluminum formwork, and the installation guide, but also can provide customers with aluminum formwork Utilization Re-design service. Our Utilization Re-design services include the utilization of the same building of the upper and lower level, and Utilization Re-design for different buildings, etc., so that customers can reuse aluminum formwork many times. It is not only for customers to save material costs, but also to contribute to the protection of the environment. In the meantime, it is also in line with the design concept of the hotel, which is environmental-friendly.


Published: Feb 28, 2023

Last published: Feb 17, 2023