The Competitive Advantages of GETO PPVC Housing Precast Production Formwork and Its Complementary Products


Comparing to conventional building technology in terms of construction formwork, the housing precast production formwork has apparent competitive advantages as listed below:

Advantage (1):High Construction Efficiency, Fast Finished Product

Housing precast production formwork can form all structures of a building, including deck, side wall, base floor, door opening and window  at one time, thus minimize duration for the precast structure formation. Compared with the traditional steel formwork, it has over 50% enhancement in working site efficiency.

Advantage (2): Automated Production, Good Casting Quality and More Cost Saving

1、Extendable steel structure and automated control system can replace manual operations by machineries, realizing automated clamping and demoulding of the product outcomes. Compared with the traditional steel formwork, it saves up over 40% of labour cost.

2、Self-equipped with internal and external support frame system does not need tie-rod system to withstand side pressure of concrete pouring. With this technique in place, the production system can effectively minimize its dependence on labours, maximize the quality of precast outcome, and the most importantly, decrease the possibility of water leakage in the building formed by the system. Outcome of product casting is similar to effect of fair-faced concrete.

Advantage (3): Safety Production

Ease site labour’s working intensity, while offers more assurance for construction workplace safety.

Advantage (4): Environmental Friendly

The green, low-carbon and highly automated operating environment, in line with the trend of global low-carbon economy and the green building concept advocated by governments of various countries, is gradually replacing the conventional construction technology.