The Housing Project In Elliot Place


The introduction of the project

ELLIOT PLACE is a high-rise apartment project with two towers, it’s the first project for local contractors which use GETO aluminum formwork system and self-climbing platform system in Sri Lanka. GETO, as one of the best aluminium formwork companies with many projects experience worldwide, provided the best cost-effective solution for this project.

High-rise Apartment Project
High-rise Apartment Project

Client’s Feedback

The project manager was very satisfied with GETO’s products and services, he said that the traditional scaffolding was not suitable for this project because of the limited construction site. GETO’s platform greatly reduces the impact on surrounding traffic and residents’ lives, otherwise, various complaints will force them to stop work for rectification, even delay the construction period. Besides that, since self-climbing platform can be well combined with aluminum formwork for concrete, they can carry out the facade construction in advance to further shorten the construction period. All in all, GETO provides the best solution for customers, and that’s why they choose GETO.

self climbing platform construction site
self climbing platform construction site

Additional Advantages

  1. The consummated supply chain system makes sure delivery is on time.
  2. Technical assistance on-site help client train their construction workers and guide the formwork installation.
  3. Mature installation instructions help clients shorten the installation time. We provide practical tools such as 3D mold, navigation map and QR code sticker to help cast in place concrete


Published: Oct 17, 2022

Last published: Sep 30, 2022