TRI-ZEN Project


1. Introduction of the project

TRI-ZEN is a super high-rise apartment project with three towers. GETO is glad to provide products and services to help clients build this landmark project in Colombo. It’s the first project which use Aluminum Formwork System & Self-Climbing Platform System in Sri Lanka. It is of great significance to the construction industry in Sri Lanka.

TRI-ZEN Project

2. Difficulties encountered in the project

This project is an overseas project of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, a large enterprise in China. Due to the huge project and long cycle, it is difficult for the overall planning of the project. However, GETO has solved this problem well and promoted the smooth progress of the project.

geto self-climbing platform system

3. Solutions adopted during the process

① The perfect cooperation of GETO Aluminium Formwork & GETO Self-Climbing Platform ensures construction safety, and the construction efficiency is greatly improved.

② Technical support of GETO helps the main contractor train their local labors, and instructs them to use the formwork system and platform system.

③ GETO has an excellent design team, the overall team is excellent, responsible and serious, to provide customers with efficient and high-quality design services, for the smooth progress of the whole project equipped with design backing.

④ GETO has the deepest building materials supply chain in the industry as a backup, providing sufficient and high-quality materials for customers at any time, and efficient transportation provides excellent backing for customers’ project advancement.


Published: Aug 17, 2022

Last published: Jul 30, 2022