PPVC Housing Precast Formwork System-GETO


What is PPVC System

PPVC (Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction) is a type of construction innovation. It classifies the rooms in every housing units as one ppvc module for one-time molding in a precast production plant prior to deliver to sites

Precast Mould Application

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction

PPVC Housing Precast

Precast Concrete Box Culvert

Precast Concrete Box Culvert
Prefabricated Pipe Gallery

LS Precast Modular Lift Shaft

LS Precast Modular Lift Shaft

HSM Prefabricated Refuge Center

HSM Prefabricated Refuge Center

PBU Prefabricated Bathroom Unit

PBU Prefabricated Bathroom Unit

What is GETO PPVC Housing Precast Formwork System?

Upholding the business philosophy of customer-centric, GETO and its partner collaboratively committed into product development and upgrading works for the successful introduction of GETO PPVC housing precast formwork system and its complementary products, as in compliance with the construction industrialization agenda proposed by Singapore Government.

GETO offers the following services:

  1. Customized service in the production and design stage
  2. Professional on site support
  3. Qualified formwork system and products

GETO Precast Mould System

Aluminium Mould

PPVC Aluminium Mould


  • High scrap value
  • Short lead period
  • Easy Assembly and disassembly without using cranes 

Automatic Steel Mould

PPVC Automatic Steel Mould


  • Lower labour cost
  • High construction efficiency
  • Applicable for different PPVC strutures
  • Easy demoulding

Non-automatic Steel Mould

PPVC Non-automatic Steel Mould


  • Less material cost
  • Easy Design and Mature Technology









Published: June 17, 2022

Last published: May 31, 2022