Deck Formwork Solutions

Deck Formwork Solutions

Aluminium Alloy Deck Formwork

Aluminium alloy deck formwork is consist of aluminium slab formwork, middle beam, steel props and other steel accessories such as long pin.

Custom-made and well-diversified

Aluminium-Framed Deck Formwork

Aluminium-framed plastic quick-deck formwork system is an innovative lightweight formwork system with high durability.

Custom-made and well-diversified

Quick-Deck System

It is suitable for beamless and large-area building structures, such as carpark. Its quick installation and dismantling characteristics are realized by adjusting the prop below its deck formwork.

Panel size with 1200mm x 1800mm

Table Formwork

GETO developed and introduced truss-type table formwork, which have apparent advantages if compared to the aforestated formwork type, such as more credible, economical, simpler operation and higher level of safety.

Truss-type and column-type table formwork

Timber Formwork

Timber formwork is widely used in the construction field such as podium and other structures. GETO also take advantage of own products to provide aluminum-timber combination of construction plan.

Timber formwork and aluminium & timber combination