Precast concrete are concrete structural modules formed in PC factory. The outcome of GETO precast concrete is of high strength, high precision and high compactness, while their designs are fully custom-made based on project structural drawings. Precast concrete’s application range is wide, which can cover construction of buildings, traffic-related infrastructure, water plants and others.

Its main products include PC Precast beams, precast columns, precast shell wall, precast staircase, composite slab, precast external wall, precast balcony slab, precast air-conditioning panel, coping and others. Key advantages of using PC modules include:

1、Shortened construction duration

2、Minimization of site pollutions

3、Minimization of resources dependency

4、Reduced labour intensity

5、Decarbonization effect.

The PC precast factory of GETO has officially run into operation in LinGao, Hainan, China since year 2021.