GETO Scaffolding

Integrated with a self-climbing mechanism which allows for one-time installation and automatic lifting, GETO Climbing Scaffold is a new type of scaffolding system perfectly suitable for high-rise buildings and super high-rise shear wall structures.

Its climbing mechanism, which requires no use of tower cranes, significantly expedites the whole job site efficiency and speed up work progress. Moreover, most components and material come with standard sizes and make the system reusable for different projects. Its intelligent control and monitor system working together with its anti-drop and anti-collapse mechanism boosts its safety level.

    Every Detail Speaks For Our Competitiveness

    To guarantee the safety of workers in building construction by providing the safest and stablest steel scaffolding system is our driving force to care about every detail. Your safety is our success.

    • Lifting hanging bracket
      Lifting hanging bracket

      With better design and structure, GETO lifting hanging brackets boast higher safety&stability.

    • Upper Lifting Point
      Upper Lifting Point

      Located outside the frame, the upper lifting point can save space of the passage.

    • Walkway

      An orderly, unimpeded and barrier-free walkway will significantly speed up schedule.

    • Hinged Plank
      Hinged Plank

      The Hinged plank makes for gapless connection to the building, and hence forms a safety working access.

    • Intelligent control Ssystem
      Intelligent Control System

      With a smart control system, GETO Climbing Scaffold is more reliable and easy-to-operate.

    • Wall Bracket
      Wall Bracket

      Double screw reinforcement and high-strength pendulum rod minimize the risk of falling.


    Scaffolding System applications
    Scaffolding System applications
    Scaffolding System applications

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