• Buy-Back Actions

    For builders in Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore, we will provide a buy-back option for formwork bought from any suppliers. And the formwork recycled will be refurbished for rental​ but not for sale, as we only sell the brand new products manufactured with new raw material.

    By doing so, we can help our clients to save space and money which may cost for formwork inventory.

    For the reason of security, we only buy back those formwork which meet with GETO's strict quality standards.

  • A worker is cleaning the buy back aluminium formwork

    Refurbishment Services

    Whether your used formwork were purchased from us or not, you will benefit from our professional refurbishment. GETO is glad to help builders and formwork lessors in Southeast Asia to refine and refurbish their existing formwork.

    We will offer redesign service to match your existed formwork with a new project. With reliable capability, we can offer you newly added panels quickly, even irregular ones, which our peers can't or are unwilling to meet.

How We Refurbish The Formwork

  • A worker is cleaning the aluminium formwork

    The first step is to remove the concrete residues sticking on the formwork.

  • Two workers are operating the short blasting machine
    Shot Blasting

    By employing a shot blasting machine, we can renew the used aluminium panels to a large extent.

  • A worker is inspecting the quality of buy back formwork
    Quality Inspection

    After cleaning, we will test the mechanical performance of the formwork and weed out unqualified panels to ensure safety and concreting performance.

  • A worker is readjusting the size of used formwork

    We will cut the recycled formwork into standard sizes for rental, since we only use new material to produce formwork for sale.

  • A worker is smoothing the formwork panel

    After adjustment, we will further smooth the formwork surface to ensure performance.

  • The panels are painted with protective coating

    Powder coating finish can prevent the concrete from sticking to the used panels.

What Our Clients Said

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“I have worked with GETO over the past 3 years. We started the business of aluminum formwork from small, but later decided to increase investment as they not only provide great accuracy and ease of use, which results in amazing market feedback, but also because of the aftercare and service we receive.”


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“Why GETO? Simple! They had the answers to our problems. With GETO products we speed up by 1/3 in structural works averagely without increasing the cost. “


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