Formwork Rental In Southeast Asia

With a production base in Malaysia and branches in Singapore, GETO has established its own marketing network to provide professional formwork rental service for construction projects in Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore.

Based on our complete product lines, we can meet all the rental needs with tailored solutions. Whether you want to rent a whole system, or rent some parts to work with your existing formwork, you will find a perfect solution at GETO.

  • Our rental formwork saves clients money

    Save Your Money In Two Ways

    • Competitive Rental Rates

      As a formwork manufacturer with buy-back action​ in Southeast Asia, we can lower the cost at the source. Moreover we can save a lot from the customs tax, which enables us to offer competitive prices while providing better rental solutions.

    • Improving Productivity

      By improving the productivity of your project and increasing the level of quality, our rental service will lower overall costs and save your time & money concurrently.

  • Our rental formwork is quality and safety guaranteed

    Safety & Quality Guaranteed

    The formwork for the rental will be tested according to a strict quality standard after refurbishment​ at GETO.

    We will conduct a dimensional and visual inspection to guarantee the size and flatness of rental formwork to guarantee the quality of your building project.

    Besides that, our engineer will conduct mechanical performance tests according to global standards to ensure the safety of users.

    On top of all that, GETO applies the same quality standard for all formwork provided by us, no matter for rental or sale.

  • Our value added services

    Value-added Services

    To better serve our clients, our experienced engineers will offer you optimal solutions for customization, rental or refurbishment.

    We will compute the formwork and accessories needed for your project and redesign irregular profiles to meet unique requirements.

    If you need technical suggestions and guidance, our engineers are glad to help all the time.

    On top of that, we are a solution based helper, more than just a lessor in the formwork industry.

  • Our formwork rental service for builders

    How Builders Will Benefit

    • Save your time on site

      On account of our rich experience and product lines, we can meet all kinds of rental demands quickly.

    • Save your space

      Whenever you need, we will send you well-prepared formwork for usage; you needn't spare space to sort out, clean and prepare formwork returns.

    • Improve Quality

      As one of the top three formwork manufacturers in China, our products deliver better concrete pouring performance.

Why We Are Trusted By Clients


“This formwork was OUTSTANDING!

When we didn’t use aluminum formwork before, we still have to spend a substantial amount of time on merely cutting, nailing the plywood. My partner and I were beaming and were very excited to find that GETO system did help a lot in compressing project schedule, even though we were having some kinds of delay at the beginning on site.”


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“Using GETO system, we have been able to create a very nice and smooth concrete finish without having to hire expensive workers.”






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