• Our sales team is studying and discussing the project drawing

    Free Consultation
    Before Sale

    At the pre-sales stage, our technical team consisting of 3 experienced engineers will provide free consultation services.

    By deeply understanding your needs, completely studying your project drawing and fully considering your budget, our expert team will send you a detailed project analysis report and preliminary plan.

    Only upon your approval, we will move to the next stage.

  • An engineer is proposing a solution for a complicated project

    Sending You Optimal Solutions

    GETO provides tailored customization solutiosn for each project. Based on the preliminary analysis and plan, we can not only confirm the structure of the aluminium formwork quickly, but also provide structural optimization suggestions, which can refine the building structure, improve the reusability of materials in different areas of the project, and facilitate the construction.

    By doing so, GETO's design and project planning services can ensure a high level of safety and cost-effectiveness.

  • An engineer is redesign the formwork for client' new project

    Redesign Your Formwork For New Projects

    Looking for putting the formwork used in the last projects into use in your new projects, but challenged to meet with the construction requirements totally?

    GETO knows how to match the used formwork with your new project perfectly at the lowest cost since we are an expert in formwork design and matching.

    Send us your material list and new project drawings as well as other requirements, and our engineers who gain abundant experience from various cases will reply quickly with a detailed solution which makes the most usage of your current material within your budget.

  • Our clients are comparing the drawing with training assembling

    Trial Assembling
    For Inspection

    Before shipment, our workers will assemble the formwork system for our clients' inspection.

    Moreover, our demonstration of the assembling and dismantling of formwork in inspection procedures at our factory can also work as a training course. It will help to improve efficiency, ensure safety and guarantee your project success.

    For clients who are obstructed by time and distance not to inspect on-site, we have developed the VR inspection system to deliver them the most vivid experience.

  • Our technicians are helping clients on site

    Free Site Guidance
    & Training Course

    For the purchase over 3000SQM, we provide free technical guidance and training course on site.

    At the very beginning, our experienced engineers will train your workers to learn basic knowledge of aluminium formwork operation, and then they will guide the practical operation carefully at every stage throughout the agreed period time.

    For purchase below 3000SQM, we can offer affordable site technical support.

  • A senior technician is giving training course

    Free Training Course
    At Factory

    You are welcome to take free training courses combining theory and practice from our experienced engineers in our manufacturing bases.

    No matter contractors or distributors, all will gain rich knowledge and experience to guide various projects however complex they will be.

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