The State-Of-The-Art Welding Technology

  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Robot Welding
  • Manual Welding
  • Seamless Jointing By Friction Stir Welding Technology

    GETO has been the first manufacturer in China to apply the friction stir welding technology to improve the performance of formwork.

    We do this by melting partial parts to be welded together by the heat generated by the friction of the high-speed rotating welding tool and the workpiece. When the welding tool moves forward along the welding interface, it forms a dense solid phase.

    In this way, the formwork with broad panel connected by friction stir welding will get stronger and more stable, compared with any other welding methods.

    Our friction stir welding technology
  • Higher Productivity By Robot Welding

    According to the preset procedure, the robot will automatically weld 4 pieces of aluminum at the same time, which will significantly improve our productivity. As a complementary tool to Friction Stir Welding, the robot is widely used in welding joints and corners.

    Our robot welding process
  • Irregular Jointing By Manual Welding

    As a traditional welding method, the manual welding stills play an important role, though we have already employed the robot welding and the friction stir welding.

    With the help of experienced welders, we can weld irregular panels to the best performance to meet with specific needs of all clients.

    An experienced worker is welding panels

Quick Response To Urgent Project Changes

By working alongside clients to face the challenges and helping clients to achieve business success, GETO establishes its great reputation.

Some unexpected news like the construction drawings being modified may be transferred to builders after we started manufacturing of customized formwork or before shipment.

In such cases, immediate actions will be taken to help clients control their budget, for example, modifying the panels which can be used, and helping to recycle needless material.

  • Your Project Schedule Guaranteed By GETO

    GETO offers both beforehand and on-site solutions to avoid the troubles caused by broken panels.

    • Preparation Beforehand

      With our rich experience and scientific analysis of data gained from thousands of projects, GETO knows what parts are easy to wear and will provide some additional spare profiles, whenever necessary, at shipment to make up potential damage during construction. Those can be quickly modified on site for urgent usage.

    • Remedy On Site

      If short of spare panels on site, the guidance to combine other materials with our formwork to guarantee concreting effect and project schedule will be provided by our professional engineers on site or on line.

    Two engineers are discussing the change of formwork
  • Redesign Services For All Formwork

    With experience gained from thousands of projects at home and abroad, we will offer you the optimal solution for customers who want to take advantage of formwork at hand.

    • For formwork purchased from GETO

      We can provide redesign services to make use of those used formwork.

    • For formwork purchased from other brands

      We are also capable to provide a fee-based redesign service to provide a solution getting the most use out of your current forming systems. All you need to do is to tell us about the brand name and the list of panels available on your stock.

    A meeting with clients to discuss the redesign solution

Irregular Frames Design & Manufacturing

Challenged to find a suitable framing system for a whole building with special design from one supplier? GETO will come to your rescue.

Supported by experienced experts and large production capacity, and driven by a mission to better serve global clients, GETO can treat some special requirements which others can't handle as regular tasks. We have helped various projects to design and manufacture irregular panels and frames. By doing so, our clients can save money and time from a real one-stop solution.

An engineer is comparing the irregular panel with his drawing

R&D Capability

  • Our Own Lab

    By establishing our own lab, we can seek possible methods to improve our product performance, refine our manufacturing process and offer better technical services. Through thousands of tests and practical operations, GETO's efforts have been rewarded by hundreds of patents and numerous clients' trust.

  • Cooperation With Universities

    By cooperating with local universities, GETO can not only benefit from the add-on reserve of talent but also create opportunities for students to take part in practical research work. Through that win-win cooperation, GETO gains rich scientific data to support its development.

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  • An engineer is operating a testing machine

More Services To Meet Your Needs

  • Custom For Your Project

    Want to find the optimal products and tailored solutions for your projects?

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  • Rental In Asia

    GETO offers professional rental services in Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore.

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  • Buy-Back In Asia

    GETO can recycle & refurbish formwork from any brands in Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore.

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