Assembly Precast Concrete (PC) Components

Product Introduction

In line with the trend of green building, GETO focuses on the research and development and design upgrade of assembly PC components, developing engineering construction in a standardized and intelligent mode.

PC Components of Civil Buildings

Prefabricated composite slab
Shear wall
Double Tee
Prefabricated exterior wall panel
Prefabricated stairs
Prefabricated column

PC Components of Municipal Construction

U-shaped groove
Telecom well
Pipe gallery

Cut-off nullah
Hexagonal block

Drainage well
Ecological slope protection

Rainwater cover panel and grate
Flower bed & Tree grate
Prefabricated integrated pipe gallery
Prefabricated segments
Prefabricated stand

Product Advantages

Improve construction efficiency, shorten construction site cycle

Complete manufacturing process management system, good casting quality

Reduce human labor and save labor costs

Reduce noise and dust pollution on site, environment friendly

Production Strength

Assembly PC Production Bases

The bases cover a large area, have strong production strength, and are close to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Greater Bay Area for transportation.

Hainan Production Base
The new-type assembly PC component production workshop in Hainan Base covers 68,000 square meters, and the green aluminium alloy formwork production workshop is 32,000 square meters.
There are 6 designed production lines with a designed production capacity of 200,000 m³/year. The production lines include 2 automatic laminated plate production lines, 2 fixed table formwork production lines, 1 special-shaped component production line, and 1 automatic steel bar processing line, with a double 120 concrete mixing plant equipped. There are 6 aluminium alloy formwork supporting production lines in total, including 2 aluminium alloy new formwork production lines, 2 iron parts production lines, and 2 old formwork refurbishment production lines.

Guangdong Production Base
The Guangdong base covers an area of about 134,000 square meters, containing three major sections of aluminium formwork, self-climbing platform and PC component production. Among them, the new assembly PC component production workshop covers more than 30,000 square meters, with over 10 designed production lines and a designed production capacity of 100,000 m³/year. It also has its own mixing station and steel bar processing line.

PC prefabricated component production factory
Fixed table mold production line
Special-shaped component production Iine
Automatic line
CNC truss production
Concrete mixing station