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With 10 years of operational experience accumulated, GETO Group has gradually formed mature corporate value system, including vision, mission, service objectives, core values and operational philosophies that all our staffs should adhere to. With production and management initiatives, corporate governance policies, and staff and corporate behavioral guides in place, we have formed ideal corporate image in the marketplace we operate. GETO is a socially-respectable and well-recognized corporate that can create values for all our stakeholders.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Promote Low-carbon Green Buildings and Improve the Residential Life Quality.

Our Vision

Lead the Formwork & Scaffolding Industry

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Collaboration & Innovation

Operation Philosophy

Customer-focused & Result-oriented

Product Concept

Be the Industry Beacon as a World-famous Brand

Brand Slogan

Formwork & Scaffolding Expert, Assembly for the Future

Corporate Culture


Here is a place where gather talents from all over the world and showing their talents.


This is a company that people speak based on performance, competes fairly, and can achieve life’s ideals and ambitions.


Here is a harmonious family of teamwork, unity of knowledge and action, and mutual respect.


This is a company that shares value and benefits, and can achieve a happy and beautiful life for employees.  


This is a company that is of positive energy, legally compliant, and creates value for customers.


Here is a company that emloyees work hard, keep learning, and seek development through innovation.


This is a company that people are of integrity, communicate frankly, dare to criticize, dare to correct themselves.


Here is a harmonious family of teamwork, unity of knowledge and action, and mutual This is a company that creates benefits for employees, shareholders, and society, and is respected and recognized by the society.


This is a company that focuses on Alumnium Formwork & Scaffolding products, adapts to the new era, and is dedicated to improve the residential life and the progress of mankind!