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About our product

Formwork System Product

As a leading global construction company and formwork supplier, GETO Global Construction offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions for your construction needs. GETO's products cover a full range of formwork and construction scaffolding solutions, such as typical floor aluminium formwork, self-climbing platform, single-side wall framework, precast component products, etc. With the diverse product lineup, GETO realizes the "N+1" one-stop product strategy mode.

Scaffolding System Products
Accessories Product for the Systems
Products Under Building and Construction Category

GETO is an industry-leading formwork contractor providing one-stop building materials solutions. As a professional formwork company, we have vital research and development capabilities, have passed multiple certifications, and have a wide range of building materials. We provide high-quality formwork systems, self-climbing platforms, PPVC, and other construction products.GETO is customer-centric, and our one-stop building materials service makes you worry-free throughout the process.

About Formwork Supplier – GETO

Global Construction

One-Stop Building Materials Solutions

Cooperate with GETO and enjoy the one-stop building material solutions. From design to construction, GETO provides you with professional guidance.

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