GETO Services & Support

GETO brings one-stop service to partners, from front-line support to back-end support, you can enjoy the best formwork supply and engineering support service and other services.

Pre-sales service
We can offer pre-sale analytics and quote service.

During-sales service
We offer individualized service, drawing detailing, design and on-site engineering services, including technical briefing, technical training and on-site instruction to ensure on-site obstacles are cleared during the use of the product. We also provide refurbishment services for customers’ formwork systems.

After-sales service
To enhance customer experience, our Customer Service Department will build and monitor customer data to track any issues that customers might face during the use of the product.



Integrative Product Solution Service

GETO offers integrative product solution packages that cover formwork and scaffolding system, and their complementary products, as a part of an effort to realize N+1 combined services in bridging collaboration with clients. Product-related one-stop solutions that catered to clients’ demands are lined out as follows:
1、Sales Service
2、Aluminium Formwork Rental (Singapore and Malaysia region only as to date)
3、Buy Back Service (Singapore and Malaysia region only as to date); note that GETO could assist to find metal scrap collectors in the excluded regions
4、Formwork recycling service (Singapore and Malaysia region only as to date)

Design-related service

GETO team is committed to applying BIM, AutoCAD and 3D Modulation Software as our design tools to offer the clients:
1、Project analysis and quotation service
2、Project detailing service
3、Aluminium Formwork design and modulation service

Formwork acceptance service

Aluminium formwork acceptance services can be done either by on-site mock-up checking or by VR checking. With increasingly mature technology arising, the latter become a more preferred checking method. With 3D-BIM technology in place, clients can use VR equipment to realize long-distance 360° product checking with on-the-spot simulation experience. Therefore, they can enjoy the convenience of need not to travel, while being able to check every detail of the aluminium formwork system end-product they have ordered.
1、3D VR Inspection Service
2、Formwork Mock-up Service

site engineering support service

The services that complement the product package are important as well. Included in the aluminium formwork system package is the consistent, timely and flexible site engineering service of the GETO team, which covers:
1、Complete technical briefing service
2、On-site instruction service
3、Instruction service for aluminium formwork packaging after use
4、24-hour response service
GETO promises our site engineering service team will reach the servicing construction site and offer effective solutions to solve on-site issues related to our product within 48 hours whenever the situation needs.

refurbishment service

The refurbishment service for the product system offerings is realized by conducting project shell drawing redesign, material refurbishment, and other custom-made and standardization processes. This one-stop service package can assist our clients to maximize the reusability of the products we offered, which will contribute to higher integrative economical benefits to be enjoyed by our clients.
1、Second-time design support
2、Second-time refurbishment support

Personalized value-added services

GETO continuously upgrades our built-in Information Technology System that covers both ERP system and CRM system. Backed up by advanced information technology in place, GETO has realized modernized, integrated and standardized information flow management. Meanwhile, GETO can offer custom-made information system services, including an ERP warehousing system for our clients upon payment. Welcome to enquire us for further collaboration in this regard.