Advantages of GETO’s Calculation & Modification Reuse Panel Services


Aluminium Formwork System

GETO continuously upgrades product service, especially for calculation & modification reuse panels. To fully utilized typical formwork panels & retain formwork panel system design features in exact accordance with the architect’s and engineer’s design.


Our professional team designs a higher rate of standard aluminum formwork panels & versatility on the next project, utilization of used formwork panels is high.

The efficiency of intelligent panel matching is higher, the panel matching time is reduced by more than 50%, and the delivery time is shortened which greatly reduces the frequency of non-site changes, saving time and labor costs for the contractor.

GETO provide services for existing customer with a feature of the high overall value that could refurbish, flip and reuse repeatedly. Also, improving the utilization rate of the existing panel for the next project, effectively reduce the cost.


GETO has provided aluminium formwork system to a customer who is in Bandar Bukit Raja, Malaysia. Through our GETO – BIM System, the formwork setting & installation is simplified, and easy to rectify if there is any error. Not just only projected construction area can be divided part by part or zoning, and calculated reused panels from the intermediate unit to the corner & end unit. Which improve work efficiency compared to conventional modulation system.


Published: Apr 17, 2023

Last published: Mar 30, 2023