Efficient Way of Managing Construction Materials



GETO continuously upgrades our built-in Information Technology System that covers both ERP system and CRM system. Backed up by advanced information technology in place, GETO has realized modernized, integrated, and standardized information flow management. Meanwhile, GETO can offer custom-made information system services, including an ERP warehousing system for our clients upon payment done.

GETO will put the QR code sticker with the information such as the tower details and the location of the materials that shall be used. Like 250 FEW 2400 is the panel specification or B-w8-21 is represented the location of the panel. A scanner device shall be used during the material is ready to pack and GETO will scan all the stickers on the material to make sure there is no material missing before packing and avoid insufficient material on site.

GETO Aluminum Formwork Rental Case

GETO has provided the aluminium formwork system leasing service to a customer where One City Residence in Penang, Malaysia. GETO assigned the supervisor to use the scanner while returning the aluminium formwork at the construction site to ensure that the material is returned and it can help to identify which materials were lost. It also helps customer to save time on returning the aluminium formwork system while the leasing period is ended. Compared to some other traditional suppliers in the market who would do the record by handwriting, GETO is more efficient and time-saving.


Published: Mar 17, 2023

Last published: Feb 28, 2023