Eight Special Engineering Projects Categories-GETO


As an aluminium formwork company with 11 years of aluminium formwork design and production experience, GETO has accumulated a lot of experience in aluminium formwork projects. We will summarize these projects into eight special project categories, hoping to provide you with some inspiration.

Two typical floor designs share one aluminium formwork set in one tower

For a tower with two types of typical floor design, GETO’s solution is to offer one set of aluminium formwork system for reuse and turn over throughout the tower. GETO equips its self-developed 3D BIM System to do automatic formwork modulation, correction and design. The integration of top-notch technology has made the formwork system design to reach the standard of no physical aluminium formwork mockup needed. The solution is more cost effective, helping customers to save construction cost, and improve the smoothness of construction progress on sites.

Urban Village ii, Cambodia
Sea Gate, Cambodia

Podium and typical floors share one aluminium formwork set in one tower

There is a great difference in terms of structural design and floor height between podium and typical floors in a tower. With rich experience and professional strength accumulated from the past, GETO can offer one set of aluminium formwork system that could be turnover and reused between non-typical floors and typical floors, by the efforts of modifying structural design of the project and enhancing the standardization level of aluminium formwork system set. Meanwhile, we propose aluminium-timber mix and formwork strengthening solutions to our clients, as to facilitate our clients in saving up construction material and labour cost, which consequently solve the pain point of our clients in bearing high cost to procure extra set of formwork for non-typical floor construction.

博孝二期项目, Taiwan-China
Lotus Park View, India

Customization for podium with large-size flat deck structure and no beams

For construction projects that consist of huge and flat structure without beams, GETO will introduce them to use Quick-Deck System with 1200 x 1800mm in its formwork size to build podiums. The operational efficacy for this system is high, which can effectively speed up the progress of construction sites and satisfy the quality control needs of our clients, and facilitate them to minimize integrated cost for their aluminum formwork construction projects.

M-Arisa in KL, Malaysia

Skyscrapers with aluminium formwork and self-climbing platform system integrated

By offering integrative design of aluminium formwork system and self-climbing platform system, GETO can contribute to improve the efficacy of structural work progress for high rises. Meanwhile, GETO customizes design for several connecting points of aluminium formwork system and self-climbing platform system, such as offering extra strengthening accessory parts and steel frame structure, as for our clients to achieve their objectives of cost-saving and peace of mind status for relevant construction projects. The stability and safety of the building products in use is the greatest assurance we can offer to our clients.

Tri-zen, Sri Lanka
Agile Embassy Garden in KL, Malaysia

Aluminium formwork system turnover for terrace house projects with mirror-like structure and party walls

Based on the project characteristics of terrace house project and the budget allocation of relevant client for the number of formwork sets, GETO offer customized aluminium formwork system turnover solution for clients. By modifying structural design of terrace houses project and improving the standardization rate of formwork system, GETO proposes technical solution for aluminium formwork system turnover that takes mirror-like structure and party walls into account. This effort can maximize the turnover rate of aluminium formwork system invested by our clients.

Terrace House@SURYA, Cambodia

Unique design throughout the whole building

GETO has dealt with extremely difficult projects previously, by involving in detailing and design, and production process of projects with complex structures, including round columns, arc-shaped beams, decks with special angles, etc. Even if buildings with unique designs have great floor height, more changes, and complex structures, GETO can still manage to design it with zero-flaw standard by utilizing its self-developed Intelligent Formwork Modulation System.

IBN Hingland City, Malaysia
The GIA Tower, Cambodia

Tower block formed by using GETO PPVC Fully-Automated Formwork System

In adherence to the industrialization of construction industry concept proposed by Singapore Government, GETO and its regional partner collectively developed innovation in crafting PPVC precast system. This innovation classified the rooms in every housing units as one modular unit for one-time molding in a precast production plant prior to delivery to construction sites. In the process of precast production in plant, GETO PPVC Fully-Automated Formwork System Machine is used to assembly and detach building formworks and support frames. Facilitated by intelligent automated alert checking system, every modular units are assured to be in effectively strengthened status, which is align with the strict requirement of Singaporean Government to allow only 1mm error for every meter of building precast structures.

Yishun North Gaia, Singapore
One Bernam Condominium, Singapore

The basement and typical floors of the public buildings completely constructed by using aluminium formwork

With the principle of customer-centric spirit, GETO maximized the turnover and utilization rate of the aluminium formwork for the public buildings like station, school, etc, by modifying the architectural drawing of the project. The basement and typical floors of the public buildings was completely constructed by using aluminium formwork, increasing efficiency.

三莺捷运站体, Taiwan, China

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Published: June 17, 2022

Last published: May 31, 2022