GETO Bridge Solutions Contribute to A Malaysian Bridge Project


The Batang Saribas Bridge Project, situated in Sarawak, Malaysia, is not only the first bridge project undertaken by China Construction Group in Malaysia, but it’s also one of the longest bridges in Southeast Asia with the same style of main span. It is a pleasure for GETO New Material to be involved in the project and to offer comprehensive bridge solutions.

Project Background

The Batang Saribas Bridge Project has a total length of approximately 4693 meters and a total bridge length of 2390 meters. The bridge structure is characterized by extra-long pile foundations in water, large bearing platforms, high piers and extra-large spans.  The project officially started on May 7, 2022, and is expected to effectively improve local transportation and drive the surrounding economy.

GETO Bridge solutions

In response to the specific needs of the project, GETO New Material provided a variety of steel formwork products, including cofferdams, bent cap, pier, T-beam, balanced cantilever bridge, etc. These steel formwork products are reusable and cost-effective, meeting the project’s dual requirements for quality and efficiency.

Cofferdam: The cofferdams of the approach bridge and the main bridge are cast in situ using a combination of steel formwork and precast concrete bottom slab. The steel cofferdam has high strength and good waterproof performance and can be constructed in deep water. Cofferdams can be combined into various shapes and sizes as required. The precast bottom slab is prefabricated in blocks for easy lifting.

Bent cap: It is a cast-in-place bent cap, which uses climbing cones and corbels to support the cross beam. The bottom mold is demoulded in the form of unloading blocks.

Pier: Oval-shaped design. The cross-sectional dimensions of the approach piers and the main bridge piers are customized according to the actual requirements. Our arc formwork can be rolled and formed at one time.

T-beam: This is a prefabricated T-beam with precast concrete pedestals. The length of the T-beam is 39.6m. There is a cross slope in the cross-section direction of the beam, and there are changes in the width of the webs.

Balanced cantilever bridge: Diamond-shaped design. The front and rear sliding seats of the truss are used to make the truss run on the track. The outer mold, bottom mold and inner mold move with the truss.

Cofferdam of the approach bridge
Bent cap

Project Progress

At present, the cofferdams of the approach bridge and the main bridge, bent cap, pier, and T-beam have been assembled for the first time. With success, the first set of bent cap formwork has been cast. The first pouring of the first main pile cap has also been successfully finished, indicating the gradual advancement of the bridge’s substructure construction and providing a strong base for the structure’s main construction.

Full-process service

In addition to providing customized products, GETO New Materials also provides clients with full-process project services, encompassing design solutions, production, shipping, local transportation, etc. We also provide on-site engineering guidance services to help ensure that steel formwork products are installed and used efficiently. Furthermore, we provide information systems that make it easier to manage and maintain formwork and related materials on-site, like QR codes for formwork.

Cofferdam of the main bridge
Bent cap


GETO New Materials is committed to providing high-quality comprehensive bridge solutions to customers around the world. Our clients have acknowledged our products and services in the Batang Saribas Bridge Project. We’ll keep up the innovative attitude, and continuously improve product quality and service levels, contributing to more bridge construction projects.