GETO Formwork Favored by Global Buyers at  Guangzhou Canton Fair 2024


The 135th China Import and Export Fair, also known as the ‘Canton Fair’, was held in Guangzhou on April 23, 2024. At the 2024 Spring Canton Fair, Jiangxi GETO New Material Co., Ltd. (referred to as “GETO New Material”) was officially rated as a Silver Label VIP exhibitor by the Canton Fair and played an exemplary role in the industry with our unique products and top-notch service.

The Spring Canton Fair attracted buyers and professionals from around the globe. Many overseas buyers showed great interest in Geto Formwork and learned about the breakthroughs that our new products have brought to the construction industry during the exhibition.


The exhibits we are displaying this time combine aluminium formwork systems with quick-deck systems. The aluminium formwork exhibited features a flat-tie system, utilizing flat-tie and hollow sections for reinforcement. It requires no drilling, offers excellent waterproofing, produces superior forming effects, has fewer accessories, and is straightforward to install. Moreover, we adopt the quick-deck top panel. The quick-deck system is primarily suitable for beam-free and large-area floor structures. It can be compatibly used with other aluminium, wooden, and PC products, offering the advantages of rapid construction and ease of use. 

Besides the aluminium formwork system and quick-deck system, we also showcase a wide range of building materials including aluminium beams, plywood formwork, plastic formwork, steel props, couplers, etc

我们这次的展品是铝模系统与快拆系统的结合。展出的铝模板采用拉片系统,利用拉片加方通进行加固。 无需钻孔,防水性能优良,成型效果优越,配件少,安装简单。 此外,我们采用了快拆顶板。 快拆系统主要适用于无梁和大面积的楼板结构。 可与其他铝模、木模、PC产品兼容使用,具有施工快速、使用简便的优点。


Additionally, we participated in the official online New Product Release Activity with our latest innovation, the Protection Screen. GETO Protection screen is an innovative safety device attached to structures (floors, beams, or walls) and lifted using a tower crane or hydraulic system. Tailored to meet the peripheral protection demands of high-rise and super-high-rise buildings, our Protection Screen boasts standardized, reusable components, ensuring high safety standards. Not only does it enhance productivity and cost-efficiency, but its multi-functional design streamlines installation and removal procedures, significantly advancing construction progress efficiency.

此外,我们的新产品防护屏参加了官方的线上新品发布活动。志特防护屏是一种附着在结构上(楼板、梁或墙体),通过塔吊或液压系统进行提升的新型安全防护装置。主要适用于高层、超高层建筑结构的外围施工防护。保护屏组件是标准化的且可重复使用,具备极高的安全性、生产率高、成本效益高、多功能等优点。 其安装和拆卸工序简便,有效地提高施工进度效率。

The 2024 Spring Canton Fair has surpassed all expectations in terms of popularity. GETO’s showcase of high-quality building materials and cutting-edge technology has captured the attention of numerous prospective clients at the exhibition. Each day, our booth sees an influx of at least 40 batches of buyers for negotiations, culminating in a total of over 160 buyers by the event’s conclusion. Esteemed international buyers from the construction and building materials industry have visited our booth to explore offerings such as the quick-deck system, new protection screen, and aluminium formwork system. Our team presented the features and benefits of our products to the industry professionals present, providing them with a deeper understanding of our company. Many buyers expressed interest in our products and engaged in extensive discussions and negotiations with our representatives, and many customers have shown strong intentions for purchasing and business cooperation.

2024年春季广交会的受欢迎程度超出了预期。 凭借优质的产品和先进的技术,志特新材在展会上吸引了众多客户。每天,我们的展位都会迎来至少40批买家前来洽谈,活动结束时买家总数已超过160人。国际知名建筑及建材采购商参观了我们的展位,快拆系统、防护屏和铝模系统等产品。我们向在场的行业人士展示了我们产品的特点和优势,让他们对志特有了更深入的了解。许多采购商对志特产品感兴趣,并与我们进行了广泛的讨论,不少客户表现出购买和业务合作意向。

The successful performance of GETO New Material at the Canton Fair is not a coincidence but the inevitable result of a long-term commitment to scientific and technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence. As environmental awareness continues to rise, the construction industry demands building materials that are not only sustainable but also lightweight, customizable, and intelligent. Our products have evolved to meet these demands through continuous innovation. Established in 2011, our company has focused on researching and developing innovative building materials to enhance technology and service quality, meet customer needs, and advance the industry. We consistently prioritize technical innovation for sustainable growth, introduce high-quality building materials, and provide top-notch services to the global market.


GETO New Materials is happy to attend the 2024 Guangzhou Canton Fair, as it provides a platform for us to connect with our global customers and explore new customers, and our inquiries and deals have been increasing year by year. Moving forward, our company will continue to uphold the philosophy of “Creating value for customers and striving to exceed their expectations.” We are dedicated to elevating the quality of our products and services, delivering top-notch solutions such as the quick-deck system, aluminium formwork, and so on to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry worldwide.