GETO Malaysia Implements QR Code Scanner


The QR code scanner has been implemented in GETO China for many years, and recently introduced into GETO Malaysia in February 2023.

The function of the code scanner can increase the speed of customers returning panels, which also greatly improves the efficiency of labor services. Compared with the previous traditional method which is one-by-one counting of panels, it is indeed much faster. This also greatly reduces the error rate when counting panels. In addition, the paperless formwork management method is more in line with the green construction concept.

Every single panels no matter big or small produce by GETO will comes together with the QR code. The QR code will stick on the surface of panels, labor just need to scan the QR code with the scanning code gun, The data will automatically enter into the data base.

GETO Malaysia Case

For the GETO construction project Serenia City, located at Sepang, we have adopted the QR code scanner in managing the materials. The Customer delivers the panels from the site back to our factory. Before returning to the factory, GETO assigns a supervisor to do the packing stuff. The supervisor scans the QR code that pasted on the panel with the GETO code scanner. Workers will pack the panels accordingly after the supervisor scans the panels.

This technology will greatly improve the work efficiency and effectiveness of managing construction materials. In contrast, some other suppliers still use the traditional method of remarking one by one with pen and paper, which requires more manpower and is less efficient. This technolgy shows that GETO put much effort into research and development. We provide excellent service to customers and make both of the parties work easier with our technology development.


Published: Jun 17, 2023

Last published: May 31, 2023