GETO Protection Screen


What is GETO Protection Screen?

Protection screen is an innovative safety device attached to structures (floors, beams, or walls) and lifted using a tower crane or hydraulic system. Specifically designed to fulfill peripheral protection needs for high-rise and super-high-rise buildings.

There are obvious differences between the facade walls of commercial and residential buildings. Residential buildings typically have many facades, demanding protection screens for exterior work, while commercial buildings’ fewer facades permit work from internal edges.

Therefore, GETO protection screens are categorized into residential protection screens with more platform layers, and commercial building protection screens with fewer platform layers.

Protection Screen

Features and Advantages

1. Features:

① Guide rails and platform boards are 0.3m from the wall for easy installation of beam and wall formwork.

② Seal flaps can be installed as needed.

2. Advantages:

High safety

High wind resistance

▪ Capable of withstanding a maximum wind load of 9 levels without extra reinforcement. Additional reinforcement is needed for wind loads beyond level 9.

Fall arrest  

▪ Fall arrest devices attached during climbing are independent, minimizing safety issues resulting from operational errors.

▪ Protection against personnel and items being dropped is ensured by full sealing, including guide rails, corners, and protruding parts.

▪ All components undergo rigorous testing, including extreme loads and falls, to ensure safety in extreme conditions.

Protection Screen

Higher productivity and cost efficient

▪ Strong universality of components for easy management.

Main components do not exceed 10 types, achieving a universal compatibility rate of 95% or higher.

▪ Hydraulic drive system.

Compared to conventional protection platform using electric hoists and electronically controlled, the cost is lower.

▪ Reliable, maintainable, and easy to operate.

▪ Lower costs for disassembly, transportation, and labor due to the lightweight frame compared to regular steel climbing platforms.


▪ Suitable for diverse shapes and heights of structure. Adjustable floor supports permit use on facades with both varying and constant inclinations.

▪ Platform boards and sealed flaps can align with floor levels.

Protection Screen

Technical Parameters

S/N Item Unit SpecificationRemark
1Framework heightm8~13.5Adapting framework height to project conditions
2Framework widthm0.6-1.2Standard platform board width: 0.88m
3Machine position affecting widthm3.5Total length varies with machine position count
4Single unit weightT1.3Calculating based on a 2.5-level protection screen, with a machine position affecting width of 3.5m
5Rated lifting capacity of the power unitT3.5Hydraulic cylinders, pump station
6Power unit capacityKW1.5Voltage: 380V/415V, Frequency: 50Hz, Max fuse current: 5A (Motor can be customized based on local electrical specifications)
7Single lift height of hydraulic cylinderm0.3Effective lift height: 0.3mTotal cylinder stroke: 0.42m
8Lifting speedm/min0.3 
9Time for lifting one levelmin10Calculating based on a 3m floor height
10Platform load capacitykN/㎡2Operating on a two-level platform (200kg/m² load capacity per level)