GETO’s Innovative Solution For A Singapore Zoo Project


The Mandai Wildlife Park, a 2-hectare natural oasis in the middle of Singapore, is now being built. In the future, it will serve as a haven for rare plants and animals in addition to being a great way for city residents to get in touch with nature. With our innovative design solutions and high-quality products, GETO New Materials has been acknowledged by zoo’s experts, and as a result, we have partnered with the park in the construction of the zoo campus.

Project Overview

The Mandai Park covers areas of Bird Paradise, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Wonders. GETO New Materials offers a total of 232 sets of cage sliding doors, animal transfer cages, animal rest folding boards, small animal cage runways, and associated materials and accessories, to improve the safety and ease of operation of the cages.

Main Products

Cage sliding doors: To accommodate various cage requirements and enhance operability, three sliding door styles are offered.

① Pull bar door: The staff can swiftly and safely handle the door panel to open and close the door without injuring the animals. They can also control the door panel to move left or right through the pull rod outside the cage in a safe place.

② Winch wheel door (left/right and up/down sliding types): With the customized rotating winch, the staff can easily and safely operate the door’s opening and closing from a long distance.

Innovation Highlights

Winch wheel up/down sliding door: It was independently designed and developed by GETO, and in addition to being simple to use, it features a unique anti-fall feature. To protect the safety of the animals and staff, the anti-fall device can lock the door panel within 200mm of breaking distance if the working wire rope breaks.

Materials and durability: The door frame parts are made of 304 stainless steel, which effectively prevents the erosion of animal body fluids and urine, and extends the product’s life.

Design of animal cage: The structure is firm and safe, which can effectively prevent animals from escaping and external invasion. The design takes into account the convenience of daily feeding and cleaning work, ensuring easy access to feed and water. At the same time, the door is easy and quick to operate, reducing the burden on staff.

More products

Animal transfer cage: Make sure the animals are secure while being transported.

Animal rest folding board: Suitable for pet hospitals, animal shelters, zoos and other places, providing a comfortable and clean resting environment for temporary foster animals, while making it convenient for pet owners to carry and store animals when going out.

Small animal cage runway: Suitable for pet stores, hospitals and homes, providing a safe activity space for small animals while preventing them from escaping or being hurt.


The implementation of the Singapore Mandai Park Animal Cage Project demonstrates GETO’s commitment to animal welfare and environmental protection. We hope to give animals a safer and cozier home with our innovative designs and products, and we aim to satisfy our clients with comprehensive customized solutions that include both products and services.