MRT Station Project


1. The introduction of the project

In Taiwan, China, the government is planning new MRT stations, of which the Sanying MRT station is under construction. GETO has proudly supplied aluminium formwork system for wall, beam, deck, column etc, including inclined columns.


2. Supplied products

The dimensions of the largest inclined column on site are as follow:

Length of column base section: 2300mm

Width of column base section: 2300mm

Vertical height of column: 14253mm

Length of beveled side of column: 15222mm

Angle: 69.45°

aluminium column formwork,

3. The meaning of the project

MRT are closely related to people’s lives and being able to build MRT stations with aluminium formwork is an important step forward in GETO’s involvement in public construction projects in Taiwan.

4. The difficulties in the project

In this project, due to the special structure, it is necessary to adopt large leaning columns, which are more difficult for our aluminium formwork design, but we did it perfectly.

5. The solutions to the difficulties

Large leaning columns mean that stronger support and reinforcement systems, more accurate design and production, and strict site management are required – all three of which are essential.

① GETO solves it with tie rod system, which ensures the security and efficiency of the project. GETO formwork class products can be applied to different project types and high turnover of formwork between different structure types and typical floors can be achieved.

② GETO uses self-developed software of modulation, such as BIM, Auto CAD and 3D Modulation Software to offer the clients. These technologies provide technical support for the customer’s project, promoting it to be successful.

③ In this project, GETO provides 24 hours online technical support for customers to solve the technical problems when using our aluminium column formwork, so as to be customer-center and give customers a good experience.


Published: Aug 30, 2022

Last published: Aug 17, 2022