Precast Beamless Structures And Seismic Isolation System


One of GETO’s customers has studied special building structures to protest against earthquakes. Their company mission is to provide solutions to save lives and deliver affordable housing in earthquake-prone areas. Finally, the local government highly appreciated and recognized their building solution, which adopted the GETO Precast Concrete.

1. How these structures works?

Seismic isolated fundamental work on the same principle as a“tilted doll”. Unlike other seismic isolation system, it doesn’t require any regular maintenance. GETO Precast Mould System helps clients save a lot of money for later maintenance.

seismic isolation system

2. The characters of the precast system

The clients provide the architectural plan, elevation plan and section only, there is no structural plan, because it’s beamless structure. However, they require us to provide aluminium forms for the column parts. it’s not the same as normal square columns. The difference is that we need to reserve several holes for steel rebar and those holes should be open precisely, here let me share some attached photos from GETO  precast factory. Our customer calls it as “PBS” column.

GETO  precast factory
aluminium column formwork

3. The advantages of the system

This precast formwork system has two main components that can be used independently. The factory produced precast columns and precast slabs are combined and welded on site. No beams are required that reduces building weight, cost and time of construction.

precast columns and precast slabs
The Construction Steps
precast beamless structures
Connection of all elements


Published: Sep 17, 2022

Last published: Aug 30, 2022