Re-utilization Project in Taiwan, China


Project Information

This is the first formwork re-utilization project in Taiwan, China, which means most of the formwork are re-used from previous projects, with only a small portion to be provided additionally.

Such projects require substantial collaboration with customers, high accuracy in formwork re-design, and foresight of possible difficulties and counter plans. Limited time makes it even more challenging.

With close collaboration between both parties and construction work nicely orchestrated by our customer, the project is progressing well on schedule with quality outcome.

Project in Taiwan, China
Project in Taiwan, China

GETO’ s Solution

However, the consideration of formwork reuse does not merely start from the beginning of this project. Instead, it starts at the very beginning of the time. At the very beginning of the first project, the GETO design team communicates with the customer in detail about floor height, and structural features, also with an eye on all other projects in the customer’s project pipeline. This is to determine a versatile principle of formwork modulation for those projects, with a certain standardization rate that is mutually agreed upon. In the case of this customer, the standardization rate is set at more than 80%.

When the project is finished, the used formwork and aluminum formwork accessories are properly cleaned and stocked following GETO relevant guideline.

Re-utilization of GETO Aluminium Formwork

When it comes to a new project, in which the formwork is to be re-used, a detailed formwork list and zone-wise packing instructions will be given. It clearly tells what panels and aluminium formwork accessories shall be re-utilized, and specifies they are to be used in which room/zone. In this way, site workers don’t have to spend extra time searching for the right formwork piece. This is how a smooth and well-organized re-utilization of aluminum formwork can take place.

At GETO, we care more about how our customers could make the right investment, not only through providing reliable and quality products; but also by helping them activate their formwork stock to achieve the best value in utilization in the long term. GETO prides ourselves on our positioning as a trusted partner instead of a formwork vendor.

Aluminum formwork on-site
Aluminum formwork on construction site in Taiwan, China
Adjustment and Installation of top panels
Adjustment and Installation of top panels


Published: Dec 30, 2022

Last published: Dec 17, 2022