A Redevelopment Masterpiece In HongKong


1. Project Introduction

The BAKER CIRCLE.DOVER project is a 26-story high-rise residential project. Located in Kowloon’s prime location of Hung Hom, “BAKER CIRCLE” spans a total commercial and residential floor area of over 1,000,000 sq. ft.2, standing as a large-scale comprehensive urban redevelopment masterpiece that is rarely seen in the past 30 years. The project uses GETO combined aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC) components for integrated construction, helping the Hong Kong construction industry to transform and upgrade to industrialization, intelligence, and green.

Combined use of aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC) components
Combined use of aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC)components
aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC) components
Combined use of aluminum formwork and precast concrete(PC)components

Linked up with several major roads, this redevelopment incorporated its own brand-new 3-dimensional shopping streets, created with concepts of sustainable environment, world-class architectural and design aesthetics, cutting-edge smart living gadgets, and a wealth of innovative clubhouse facilities. “BAKER CIRCLE”1 is set to redefine the ideal contemporary lifestyle.


2. The advantages of aluminum formwork

The project is equipped with four sets of steel supports (five sets of the cantilever), and the construction speed of the workers on the construction site can reach four days per floor. Compared with traditional formwork, the project construction period is greatly reduced and great value is created for customers.

The average daily wages of construction workers in Hong Kong are extremely high. GETO provides professional guidance on installation services to improve the efficiency of aluminum formwork installation for on-site personnel. It also shortens the construction period, which can significantly reduce the labor cost of workers. 

The turnover of aluminum formwork in this project is more than 20 times, and the construction of all standard layers can be completed by using one set of aluminum mold, with a low average cost of use.

The aluminum alloy formwork system with an average weight of 25KG/㎡is simple and convenient to assemble. It is completely assembled by hand and does not require the assistance of any mechanical equipment. Workers usually only need a small hook and a small hammer for construction, which is convenient and fast. Skilled installers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day. Compared with wooden formwork, the advantages of aluminum formwork are more obvious. Aluminum formwork installers only need 70-80% of wooden formwork installers, and there is no need for skilled workers, as long as simple training is given to the construction workers before installation.

After the aluminium formwork system is assembled, it forms a whole framework with good stability. With the reasonable arrangement of load-bearing pillars, the bearing capacity can reach 30KN per square meter.

After concrete casting and removing the formwork, the surface of the concrete is smooth and clean, which can meet the requirements of finishing and fair-faced concrete without plastering and can save plastering costs.

The aluminum mold uses renewable materials, which can effectively help energy conservation and emission reduction. It is a green building material. At the same time, the project’s prefabricated laminate panelsand prefabricated stairs reduce the generation of construction waste on the site.

3. GETO Shaft Platform

The project also used the GETO Shaft Platform and successfully helped solve the pain points of the customer and improve construction efficiency. The lifting shaft platform system can be lifted layer by layer through a tower crane. The whole system can be reset by contraction and expansion, which makes the construction of the lift shaft holistic and mechanistic.

Shaft Platform solved pain points :

 Shaft Platform 
Shaft Platform 


Published: Oct 30, 2022

Last published: Oct 17, 2022