Advancing Construction Efficiency with GETO Global Construction’s Self-Climbing Systems


When it comes to streamlining vertical construction projects, self climbing systems have become increasingly popular in the industry. At GETO Global Construction, we take pride in offering excellent products and innovative solutions, including our state-of-the-art self climbing systems. With our electric chain-hoist self climbing platform system, we have promoted the construction process, providing numerous benefits to our clients.

Benefits of GETO Global Construction’s Self-Climbing Systems

Cost Savings and Efficiency: Our Integrated Self-Climbing Platform is designed for the entire construction use of skyscrapers. With only one-time installation required, it significantly reduces costs compared to conventional scaffolding systems. In fact, our self-climbing platform system can save our clients between 30% and 50% in overall costs. This translates into a 60% reduction in steel material usage, 40% lower operational costs, and an impressive 80% reduction in electricity consumption.

Safety and Reliability: GETO Global Construction’s Integrated Self-Climbing Platform is built with a firm steel structure and incorporates fully-integrated operational and safety equipment. It adheres to a low-rise installation concept for high-rise applications, ensuring professional precautions and enhanced safety on construction sites. The system also features fully-enclosed protection settings, further guaranteeing the safety of workers and the overall project.

Intelligent Control System: Our self-climbing platform is equipped with a microcomputer intelligent control system. This advanced technology optimizes the operation of each self-climbing frame within the system. It regulates lifting speed, weight loadings, and height differences based on standardized design operations. The intelligent control system can automatically detect any overloading or underloading issues, providing alert signals for immediate safety actions, thereby preventing potential dangers on-site.

Simplified and Organized Appearance: In contrast to the complex appearance of conventional scaffolding systems, the overall design of GETO Global Construction’s Integrated Self-Climbing Platform is simpler and more organized. This contributes to a more effective, safer, and aesthetically appealing project. The streamlined appearance leaves a lasting impression of efficiency and professionalism.

Patented Integrative System: Our self-developed patented system integrated into the self-climbing platform offers multiple functions, including bearing, anti-falling, anti-tilting, and stabilization. This innovative integration ensures the stability and reliability of the system throughout the construction process, further enhancing safety and efficiency.


At GETO Global Construction, we are committed to advancing construction efficiency through our exceptional self-climbing systems. With benefits such as cost savings, enhanced safety measures, intelligent control systems, simplified appearances, and our patented integrative system, our self-climbing platforms provide a reliable and efficient solution for vertical construction projects.

Experience the advantages of our self-climbing systems and elevate your construction projects to new heights. Contact our team at GETO Global Construction today to learn more about our innovative products, technical support, and industry expertise. Together, we can transform the way you approach vertical construction, ensuring greater efficiency, safety, and success.