Efficiency Unleashed: GETO’s Formwork Systems for Faster Project Turnover


At GETO Global Construction, we take pride in being a leading provider of cutting-edge formwork solutions that are improving the construction industry. With our unwavering focus on operational efficiency, faster project turnover, and superior casting effects, we offer innovative wall and column formwork systems that cater to the diverse needs of modern building layouts.

  1. Aluminium Column Formwork: Unmatched Versatility and Precision
    At GETO, our aluminium column formwork sets new standards in vertical structure construction. With the flexibility to create both rectangular and round forms, it finds extensive use in podiums and various building layouts. Our formwork system delivers exceptional versatility and precision, enabling efficient and accurate casting of concrete columns. Its lightweight design and streamlined assembly process empower construction professionals with higher operational efficiency and accelerated project turnover. The result is not only superior casting quality but also significant cost savings due to reduced material and labor requirements. Our aluminium column formwork solution showcases our commitment to delivering advanced construction technologies that redefine efficiency and quality.

2. Single-Side Wall Formwork: Elevating Casting Results

GETO’s single-side wall formwork system presents an innovative reinforcement solution for constructing basement walls. Our system incorporates lightweight aluminium formwork panels, horizontal walers, triangular trusses, and other accessories. The flat-tie reinforcement design minimizes gaps between raking shores, providing enhanced flexibility for precision adjustments and improved control over verticality. As a result, concrete walls cast using our formwork system exhibit superior verticality and require minimal hole filling after dismantlement. This not only saves costs but also ensures excellent waterproof construction quality. The lightweight and user-friendly nature of our single-side wall formwork system contributes to its overall cost-effectiveness. Designed specifically for basement structures, it offers construction professionals a reliable and efficient method to achieve exceptional casting results.

3. Triangular-Truss Type Single-Sided Formwork System

GETO’s triangular-truss type single-sided formwork system is tailored to structures with high waterproof demands, such as railway stations and external basement walls. This system is indispensable for efficiently and effectively constructing such structures. With its triangular trusses, aluminium formwork panels, and operational platforms, our formwork system ensures precise casting and superior waterproofing. It particularly excels in structures over 7.5 meters in height. The system can be easily transferred or turned over using various methods, including tower cranes, mobile cranes, manual transfers, or rail transfers. This adaptability empowers construction professionals to optimize on-site logistics and machinery conditions.


At GETO Global Construction, we redefine efficiency and quality in the construction industry through our surprising wall and column formwork solutions. From our versatile aluminium column formwork to our efficient single-side wall formwork system and innovative triangular-truss type single-sided formwork system, we empower construction professionals to achieve superior casting results, expedite project turnover, and deliver exceptional waterproof construction.