Enhance Your Construction Projects with a Reliable Formwork Supplier: Introducing GETO’s Comprehensive Solutions


As a prominent formwork supplier, GETO understands the diverse needs of various customer groups within the construction industry. Our services cater to central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private construction companies, building material traders, and real estate developers. Our expertise extends to project leaders, procurement specialists, business professionals, as well as middle and senior managers.

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Unleashing the Benefits of GETO’s Formwork Solutions

GETO takes pride in offering innovative formwork solutions that address the challenges faced by construction professionals. Let us explore the exceptional advantages of our flagship product, aluminum formwork:

  1. Lightweight, Waterproof, and Efficient: In comparison to traditional wood and steel formwork, GETO’s aluminum formwork stands out for its lightweight nature, making it easy to handle and install. It is also waterproof, ensuring durability even in demanding environments. The efficiency of our formwork system streamlines the construction process, reducing labor costs and project timelines.

Apart from aluminum formwork, GETO also offers self-climbing platforms, which provide safe and reliable solutions. Once assembled, these self-climbing platforms can be used throughout the construction process, eliminating the need for additional equipment. Their low-carbon and environmentally friendly design contributes to resource conservation by saving steel, consumables, and electricity. The intelligent control systems further enhance operational efficiency, while their visually appealing design enhances the overall construction image.

Furthermore, GETO’s product range includes assembly precast concrete (PC) components that improve construction efficiency, shorten site cycles, and save materials and labor. These components enhance project and finished product quality while reducing construction waste discharge. Our PPVC whole-house prefabricated mold system delivers high construction efficiency, fast finished product speeds, and safe production. The automatic production process ensures good molding quality while offering significant cost savings. Moreover, the environmentally friendly nature of this system aligns with sustainable construction practices.


In conclusion, GETO is not just a formwork supplier; we are your trusted partner in elevating your construction projects to new heights. Our aluminum formwork, self-climbing platform, and other innovative building solutions offer unparalleled benefits, including lightweight efficiency, waterproof durability, reusability, and superior casting quality. With our one-stop building materials solutions and full-process technical services, we simplify the construction process, ensuring optimal results for our esteemed clients.


Published: Aug 1, 2023

Last published: Jun 31, 2023