Enhancing Construction Efficiency with the GETO Formwork System


GETO, your trusted partner in construction solutions, is proud to offer our cutting-edge formwork system. With a focus on aluminum formwork and other innovative products, we provide comprehensive services that cater to the needs of various customer groups. Our mission is to solve key challenges in the construction industry while delivering exceptional quality and efficiency.

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Streamlining Construction with the GETO Formwork System

At GETO, our formwork system optimizes traditional construction methods, offering numerous benefits for project leaders, procurement professionals, and middle to senior managers in both public and private enterprises. Let’s explore how our formwork system addresses critical user pain points and drives success.

Prefabricated Solutions for Superior Results

GETO specializes in prefabricated solutions, including PC (precast concrete) components and the PPVC (prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction) whole house prefabricated mold system. These solutions are designed to improve construction efficiency, shorten project timelines, and enhance the quality of the final product. By utilizing prefabricated components, projects benefit from reduced labor requirements, minimized waste generation, and heightened structural integrity. Our focus on environmentally friendly practices ensures that construction processes align with sustainability goals.

GETO is committed to providing comprehensive building materials solutions tailored to your project requirements. As a one-stop provider, we eliminate the hassle of managing multiple suppliers by offering customized solutions that optimize cost-effectiveness. Moreover, our team of experts delivers end-to-end technical services, supporting you from initial scheme design to on-site engineering guidance. With GETO, you can trust that every aspect of your project is well taken care of.


The GETO formwork system improves the construction industry, addressing key pain points and driving substantial improvements. Our prefabricated solutions offer unmatched productivity, cost savings, and environmental benefits. We take pride in serving a wide range of customers, including central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private construction companies, building materials traders, and real estate developers.

Choose GETO for an innovative formwork system that enhances construction efficiency, streamlines processes, and delivers exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and let us help you unlock the true potential of your projects.


Published: Aug 2, 2023

Last published: Aug 1, 2023