How to Build Foundation Better


The foundation is the load-bearing structure below the ground level of the building, whose function is to bear the loads transmitted from the upper structure of the building and transfer them to the subsoil with its weight. If a house or high-rise building does not have a solid foundation, the top part of the building will not be well supported, so the house may be unstable or even collapse, which is extremely dangerous.

Foundation building
Foundation building

A solid foundation is essential for a solid super high-rise building. Any such problems as instability and collapse can be prevented by taking some measures. Stability is crucial for a solid foundation. An unstable and unsolid foundation can cause irreversible structural damage or even worse.

Key Things to do in the Foundation Building

Soil inspection before construction is easily overlooked, and the instability of soil conditions will lead to the instability of future foundations. In fact, before starting any work on the ground, it is necessary to carefully check the condition and type of the soil.

During foundation excavation, make sure there are no small stones, rocks, pebbles, branches, or roots on the ground. When grading the soil, a specific level of slope must be maintained by removing the waste material. The ground should only be dug to the required depth.

To start building the foundation, the footings must be installed. To make the concrete stronger and crack-resistant, the footings also need to be reinforced. Concrete should be poured without any air gaps, as this will cause even more cracks in the foundation.

Finally, smooth the top layer of the foundation with concrete finishing tools such as hand floats and trowels.

The following project photo shows how GETO aluminium formwork builds foundation and foundation walls. GETO provides one side of panels to the foundation, some customers require using alu-forms to foundation walls, thus two sides of panels will be needed. As there are holes in the surface of aluminum formwork, the use of square tubes and brackets can be reduced when building the foundation. The steel bar is inserted into the soil of the ground through the holes in the panel so that the panel can be fixed without displacement. It’s a cost-effective solution. It not only ensures the stability of foundation construction but also reduces on-site materials and labor costs.

Aluminium formwork for  the foundation
Aluminum formwork for the foundation



Published: Nov 30, 2022

Last published: Nov 17, 2022