How to Seek for New Opportunities in the Developing PV Industry?


Under the background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China’s photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly. In 2022, the newly installed PV capacity and completed investment are significantly ahead of other power types, and the upstream industrial chain market continues to boom. BHI sorted out and summarized the PV industry chain related projects listed in the key projects of the provinces in 2022: 311 of 748 projects are planned to be built; The upstream silicon material and silicon wafer projects and downstream power generation projects are concentrated in the western region, and the midstream battery, module and auxiliary materials projects are the most in Anhui province.

The rapid growth of photovoltaic installed scale drives the hot market of the upstream industrial chain

1. New photovoltaic installations and investment lead the power industry
Since China officially put forward the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” in 2020, the investment in photovoltaic projects and the newly installed capacity have been further accelerated, and it has become the fastest-growing type of electricity. In the first 11 months of 2022, newly installed PV installations increased by 88.6 percent from the same period last year, while investment increased by 290.1 percent year-on-year.

2. The output and price of photovoltaic upstream industrial chain products increased significantly, and enterprises accelerated the layout
The rapid development of the photovoltaic industry has promoted a continuous boom in the upstream industry chain market. Especially since the second half of 2021, the output and market prices of major related products have seen rapid growth, and more and more enterprises have carried out or strengthened the investment layout in the photovoltaic industry chain.   


748 PV industry chain projects will be listed as provincial key projects in 2022

The photovoltaic industry and upstream manufacturing market continue to boom, new investment by enterprises is active, and related engineering projects have become the focus of investment and construction in many places. BHI sorted out and summarized the projects related to the PV industry chain among the key projects in 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) in 2022, and a total of 748 projects were listed as the key projects at the provincial level, significantly higher than in previous years. A total of 311 projects are proposed, 115 of which are in the early stages.

GETO and PV industry

GETO China company cooperated with a photovoltaic enterprise to enter this photovoltaic industry. GETO company recruited excellent sales personnel and provided systematic professional training to promote photovoltaic sales. In this way, GETO promotes the large-scale application of “solar energy + buildings” to promote rural revitalization and the construction of beautiful villages. 


Published: Feb 17, 2023

Last published: Jan 30, 2023