Improving Construction Efficiency with the Quick-Deck System


At GETO Global Construction, we are proud to introduce our stunning Quick-Deck Formwork System, a game-changing solution that combines Quick-Deck Panels, aluminum formwork, a quick-release prop head, and a strengthened single prop. This innovative system is reshaping the construction industry by redefining efficiency, ease, and sustainability. In this article, we will delve into the distinctive features and benefits of our Quick-Deck System, highlighting how it changes construction practices and sets new industry standards.

Efficient and Versatile Materials

Our Quick-Deck System is built upon a foundation of high-quality materials. The 1200 QD 1800 Quick-Deck Panels, along with the QMB 1100 and 100 R 50 filling panels, provide a robust and well-structured platform for construction projects. These panels are meticulously designed for maximum reusability, ensuring cost-effectiveness and smooth operation on-site.

Seamless Integration with Aluminum Formwork

One of the key advantages of our Quick-Deck System is its seamless integration with our aluminum formwork system. By combining the Quick-Deck System with our existing aluminum formwork, we maximize the reusable rate of our aluminum formwork system. This integration not only enhances efficiency but also reduces costs by optimizing the utilization of existing resources.

Modular and Interchangeable Components

Our Quick-Deck System is engineered with modular and interchangeable components, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. The quick-release prop head allows for the independent exchangeability of each component, enabling efficient maintenance and replacement. The strengthened single prop, crafted from high-quality Q345B material with a 3.5mm wall thickness, provides robust support. Furthermore, the prop heads for formwork sides and wall-side props ensure seamless connections with cast in-situ walls and columns, enhancing the overall stability and strength of the system.

Streamlined Installation and Dismantling

We understand the importance of time and resource management in construction projects. With our Quick-Deck System, we have streamlined the installation and dismantling processes, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. The tripod facilitates the installation of single props, ensuring stability during the setup phase. Our formwork installer simplifies the installation and dismantling of the formwork, optimizing workflow efficiency. Additionally, our trolley enables easy transportation of the formwork on the construction site, eliminating unnecessary delays and enhancing overall productivity.


Here at GETO Global Construction, our Quick-Deck System is transforming construction practices by delivering an efficient design and versatile components. Through seamless integration with our aluminum formwork system and the utilization of modular and interchangeable parts, our system promotes efficiency, cost savings, and sustainable construction practices. The streamlined installation and dismantling processes, along with our versatile support accessories, contribute to increased productivity on construction sites. GETO Global Construction’s Quick-Deck System is setting new industry standards and exemplifying innovation and efficiency.