New Construction Technology Release: Plastering Robot


As the economic climate continues to darken, contractors are looking for new ways of building and solutions to perennial issues, such as worker shortages.

Here is the latest offering from technology-based firms that is aimed at streamlining the way contractors build and operate.

An American construction robotics company has partnered with a drywall manufacturer, the company announced on May 11.

The robot completes the mudding and sanding processes of drywall finishing. Drywall installation overall is a physically demanding task, with the potential for back, arm, and shoulder injuries. The robot and others like it to fill gaps in labor while cutting down on the frequency that workers are exposed to these types of repetitive hazards. 

This is the second recent partnership for the American construction robotics company. In March, the company joined with a construction equipment manufacturer to produce these robotic machines. 

“With the robot manufacturing partner and drywall manufacturer teaming with us to further advance materials, our robot can accelerate the reinvention and evolution of drywall finishing,” said the American construction robotics company’s CEO, in the release. 

Plastering Robot
Plastering Robot

In addition to erasing robots, there is also a very economical construction solution which is to use GETO aluminium formwork system. GETO aluminum formwork is lightweight, workers can carry and assemble the formwork efficiently and simply.

GETO formwork system advantages

1. Less construction cost.

The cost saving throughout the whole construction progress from deflect rectification, machinery, additional conventional formwork cost, time, etc.

2. Excellent quality.

No need for plastering as the off-the-form finish is less than 3.5mm tolerance in deflection.

3. Speed.

The wall, beam, column, and slab can be cast at one time by using GETO aluminium formwork. Furthermore, our prop-head system will allow the dismantling of the slab panels without removing the props. Thus, 6 days cycle is no longer a dream but a reality.

4. Lightweight.

The system panel is an easily handled & handheld product. All components almost can be transferred by labour through the slab transfer box during the installation, dismantling & transferring due to the lightweight of 25kg/m2.

5. Cycle use.

GETO system panels are designed for strength and maximum usability. This provides the ability to reuse your existing GETO panel stock into new project designs in order to maximize the value and return on investment of your GETO formwork assets.

6. Environment friendly.

By minimizing the usage of limited resources such as plywood and timber, GETO provides an environment-friendly system.


Published: May 31, 2023

Last published: May 17, 2023