Power shortage? Solar panels out of stock in South Africa


To promote solar power generation, the South African Ministry of Finance announced that taxpayers who install solar panels can apply for a tax rebate of up to 25% and up to 15,000 rands from this March.

In April 2023, South Africa’s electricity bill will increase by almost 20%. Due to the long-term large-scale power cut in South Africa, it is necessary to promote more households and small and medium-sized enterprises to choose solar power to meet energy demand.

However, limited by international freight and domestic logistics in South Africa, photovoltaic equipment such as solar panels will continue to be out of stock, and the market is in a state of difficulty in finding one. The South African authority expects that it will take several months to reach a balance between supply and demand.

At present, the demand for solar panels and equipment installation is still far from the international market demand, which will be a bottleneck in the development of the solar industry in the long run.

Solar photovoltaic products
Solar photovoltaic products

GETO Photovoltaic Support

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Published: May 17, 2023

Last published: Apr 30, 2023