Safety, Control, and Aesthetics: GETO’s Cutting-Edge Electric Chain-Hoist Climbing System


At GETO Global Construction, we stand ready to introduce our groundbreaking electric chain-hoist climbing system, which has redefined the construction of skyscrapers. Offering numerous benefits such as one-time installation, cost savings, enhanced safety, smart control, and a streamlined appearance, our cutting-edge solution is transforming high-rise construction projects.

One-time Installation: Unparalleled Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, GETO’s electric chain-hoist self-climbing platform system excels with its one-time installation feature. By integrating the platform into the entire construction process of a skyscraper, we ensure optimal efficiency. This is particularly advantageous for taller skyscrapers, resulting in significant cost savings of 30%–50%. Our system reduces steel material usage by an impressive 60%, decreases operational costs by 40%, and lowers electricity consumption by a remarkable 80%, compared to conventional scaffolding systems.

Safe & Reliable: Comprehensive Protection

At GETO, safety and reliability are paramount. Our Integrated Self-Climbing Platform incorporates a robust steel structure, fully-integrated operational and safety equipment, a low-rise installation concept for high-rise applications, and fully-enclosed protection settings. These features guarantee professional precautions on construction sites, providing a secure environment for construction professionals to focus on their work without worrying about safety hazards.

Smart Control: Intelligent Optimization

GETO’s Self-Climbing Platform is equipped with a microcomputer intelligent control system that optimizes the operation of each self-climbing frame. This system efficiently manages lifting speed, weight loadings, and height differences according to standardized design operations. It automatically detects overloading or underloading issues, promptly alerting workers to potential safety hazards. Our intelligent control system ensures that necessary safety actions are taken to prevent accidents, prioritizing worker well-being and minimizing risks on the construction site.

Simple Appearance: Enhanced Project Impressions

In contrast to the complex appearance of conventional scaffolding systems, GETO’s Integrated Self-Climbing Platform presents a simpler and more organized aesthetic. This streamlined and professional appearance contributes to a more effective, safer, and more refined project impression. Clients and stakeholders will appreciate the visual appeal of the construction site, reflecting the modern and efficient approach of GETO’s self-climbing platform system.

Functionality: Integrated Solutions

GETO’s self-developed patented system, integrated into our self-climbing platform, offers a range of functions including bearing capacity, anti-falling measures, anti-tilting features, and stabilization. With this comprehensive set of capabilities, our platform system ensures stability and safety throughout the construction process. The integrated system guarantees reliable performance, even in challenging conditions, allowing construction professionals to focus on their tasks without concerns about structural integrity or potential accidents.


GETO Global Construction’s electric chain-hoist self-climbing platform system is impacting the landscape of skyscraper construction. With its one-time installation, cost savings, safety features, intelligent control, streamlined appearance, and versatile functionality, our innovative solution further improves efficiency and effectiveness in high-rise construction projects.