Turning Science Fiction into Reality-Saudi Arabia Creates the Linear City “THE LINE”


What’s “THE LINE”?

For too long, humans have lived in dysfunctional and polluted cities which is built by concrete and steel. A revolution in civilization is taking place, integrating the footprint of traditional cities and turning science fiction into reality. Designing to protect and enhance nature, Saudi Arabia spends $1 trillion on 170 km linear city “THE LINE”. The city that delivers new wonders for the world.

Recource: NEOM Company Official Website

Blueprint for the city of the future

Can you imagine a city of 9 million people, covering only 34 square kilometers, only 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long, and 500 meters above sea level? This means a smaller infrastructure footprint and city functions that operate at a higher level of efficiency than ever before. It’s a people-centered technological explosion that provides an unprecedented urban living experience while protecting the surrounding natural environment as much as possible. It reshapes a new concept of urban development and maps out the future of urban innovation.

Putting Human First

Progressive design allows residents to walk just 2 minutes to nature, which is spread out over open space of different levels. The ideal climate year-round so residents can enjoy the surrounding nature at any time. A 5-minute walk to all amenities and a high-speed rail line to keep end-to-end trips under 20 minutes. The automated services are powered by artificial intelligence.

Protecting Nature

No roads, cars or emissions, 100% clean energy, zero carbon emissions in the city, 95% of the land will be designated as a nature reserve.


Published: Dec 17, 2022

Last published: Nov 30, 2022