Biden-Harris Administration Announces to Speed up Wind Energy Deployment


The rapid development of wind energy

The Biden-Harris Administration announced $30 million from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in funding wind energy research and development projects to reduce the cost of onshore and offshore wind energy projects which benefit communities across the country. Wind energy accounted for more than 9 percent of total domestic electricity generation in 2021 and will play a significant role in achieving President Biden’s goals of 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and a net-zero economy by 2050.

“Wind energy is abundant, affordable, and already powers 40 million homes”, said the U.S. Secretary of Energy “But that’s just the beginning – wind power is experiencing explosive growth. Thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Department of Energy is helping to break through technical barriers and accelerate the deployment of this affordable resource across the country.”

Wind Energy Farm Construction

Wind energy is one of the clean energy resources. It has become increasingly popular in various countries around the world over the years. And the transformation of wind energy depends on wind farms. For the construction of wind farms, the most important is the foundation of the wind turbine. Foundation construction uses cast-in-place, being divided into 3 different pouring stages. Thus, high quality and safe single-side wall framework system is required for foundation construction. GETO, as one of the best aluminium formwork companies which helps promote green building development, after comprehensive consideration of market demand and safety performance, successfully developed a safe, environmentally friendly, and convenient single-side wall formwork.

A simple single-side wall formwork for the foundation of wind energy farm
A simple single-side wall formwork for the foundation of wind energy farm

GETO single-side wall formwork

GETO single-side formwork is a standard formwork supporting bracket system for reinforced concrete, which is specially designed for transferring fresh concrete side pressure to support frame and concrete foundations, without any tie rod being pulled through the wall. It is mostly used in building construction that has strict waterproofing demand and can not be strengthened by using a tie-rod system.

Up to 7.5 meters of concrete casting height with a single cast.

Suitable for different wall heights with different support frame sizes.

In subway stations, sewage treatment plants and other excavation projects.

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GETO  Single-Side Wall Formwork in the metro station project
GETO  Single-Side Wall Formwork in the metro station project



Published: Oct 30, 2022

Last published: Oct 17, 2022