The Integration of Photovoltaic and Thermal Buildings is the Trend in the Future


Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the General Department of the National Energy Administration jointly issued the Notice on Organizing the Application of Clean Winter Heating Projects in Northern China, in order to further expand the scope of support for clean winter heating in Northern China and continuously promote greens development. Building carbon peak, carbon neutral,The integration of photovoltaic, light and heat building is the only way. GETO, a green building materials company, will adhere to the China development strategy and contribute our effort to China’s green development.

There are two application forms of the combination of solar energy and building energy saving, one is BIPV (Building Integrated PV); One is the thermal buildings.

BIPV construction

Song Dengyuan, chief technology officer of Yingli Group and director of the State Key Laboratory of photovoltaic Materials and Technology, introduced that BIPV products are not simple photovoltaic panels, but new green building materials that can generate electricity, which is highly consistent with the demand of energy-saving buildings in green building materials.

Wang Xinrong, chairman of Beijing Wadineng Technology Co., LTD., said that the thermal building is the roofing system or metope system made up of light and heat components, through absorbing solar radiant heat, for domestic hot water supply and winter building heating, can also become a major direction of existing building transformation in our country.

From the development trend of the whole industry, both internal and external factors are very supportive of the deep combination of the construction field and the utilization of solar energy. In the near future, the integration of the construction and photovoltaic, light and heat is the only way.

GETO company also has the plan to enter this photovoltaic industry, to promote the large-scale application of “solar energy + buildings” to promote rural revitalization and the construction of beautiful villages.



Published: Sep 17, 2022

Last published: Aug 30, 2022