The Majestic Beauty of IBN Highland City: A Marvel of Engineering and GETO’s Formwork Solutions


IBN Highland City in Malaysia stands as a testament to architectural excellence and engineering ingenuity. This awe-inspiring project showcases towers that resemble delicate flower petals gracefully suspended amidst the ethereal clouds and mist of the surrounding mountains. Not only is it a visual spectacle, but the construction methods employed in this iconic development are equally remarkable.


 Unique Structures Crafted with Special-Shaped Formwork

IBN Highland City boasts a collection of round columns, arc-shaped beams, and uniquely angled decks, forming the foundation of its extraordinary towers. To bring these exceptional structures to life, over 50% of the formwork utilized in this project comprises special-shaped formwork sets made from aluminum. This approach demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of GETO‘s aluminum formwork system.

Precision Design Using GETO’s 3D BIM Formwork Modulation System

Our commitment to precision and efficiency shines through in the design phase of IBN Highland City’s formwork sets. Leveraging our state-of-the-art 3D BIM Formwork Modulation System, we meticulously crafted the formwork designs, ensuring they were error-free and perfectly suited to the unique requirements of the project. This advanced technology enables us to create highly accurate virtual representations of the formwork sets, streamlining the design process and minimizing errors.

Unwavering Quality Assurance for Seamless Construction

At GETO, quality assurance is an integral part of our operations. For IBN Highland City, we conducted thorough mock-up checks on the aluminum formwork sets before their delivery to the project site. Our stringent quality control process ensures that every set is meticulously inspected, guaranteeing that they are complete and free from any defects. This attention to detail not only saves valuable construction time but also ensures a seamless construction process, resulting in impeccable structures that stand the test of time.


In conclusion, IBN Highland City is a testament to the fusion of architectural brilliance and GETO’s cutting-edge formwork solutions. The unique structures with their round columns, arc-shaped beams, and angled decks are a visual masterpiece, made possible by the utilization of special-shaped formwork sets. With our precise 3D BIM Formwork Modulation System and unwavering commitment to quality assurance, GETO has played a pivotal role in the realization of this remarkable project.

As we continue to push the boundaries of construction innovation, GETO remains dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services that empower builders worldwide. Embrace the future of construction with GETO, and let us be your trusted partner in transforming visionary designs into concrete reality. Contact us today to explore how our formwork solutions can elevate your next landmark project.


Published: Jul 31, 2023

Last published: Jun 30, 2023