Unlock Efficiency and Precision with GETO Global Construction’s Aluminium Formwork Singapore


At GETO Global Construction, we are dedicated to transforming the construction landscape with our cutting-edge aluminium formwork Singapore. Our innovative approach utilizes a flat-tie system, featuring embedded flat-ties, aluminium alloy wall panels, hookies, hollow sections, and other components. This article will delve into the materials used in our wall and column formworks, highlighting our unique features that ensure lightweight construction accessories, flexibility for precision adjustments, and convenient verticality control.

Introduction to Aluminium Formwork Singapore
GETO Global Construction is enhancing the construction industry in Singapore with our state-of-the-art aluminium formwork system. Designed to streamline construction processes, reduce labor costs, and optimize project efficiency, our system combines advanced technology with exceptional materials, ensuring outstanding results for various construction projects.

Flat-Tie System: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision
The flat-tie system lies at the heart of our formwork solution. It comprises components such as flat-ties, hollow sections, aluminium alloy wall panels with grooves, hookies, flat-tie raking shores, pins, and wedges. The incorporation of this system offers remarkable advantages, including lighter weight accessories, precise adjustments, and improved verticality control.

Embedded Flat-Ties: Lightweight and Efficient
Our formwork system utilizes embedded flat-ties, which are lightweight yet robust. These flat-ties facilitate easy installation and provide excellent strength to the formwork structure. With smaller gaps between raking shores, our system ensures greater flexibility for precision adjustments, resulting in precise and efficient construction.

Aluminium Alloy Wall Panels with Grooves: Versatile and Durable
Aluminium alloy wall panels with grooves at our edges serve as the foundation of our formwork system. The grooves enable seamless integration with other components, ensuring a secure and stable formwork structure.

Hookies, Hollow Sections, and Flat-Tie Raking Shores: Strengthening Construction
Our system incorporates hookies, hollow sections, and flat-tie raking shores to further enhance the formwork’s stability and strength. Hookies securely hold the formwork components together, while hollow sections provide structural support. The flat-tie raking shores allow for verticality control, ensuring precise alignment and uniformity throughout the construction process.

GETO Global Construction’s aluminium formwork system in Singapore opens up new possibilities for efficient and precise construction. Through the use of embedded flat-ties, lightweight accessories, versatile aluminium alloy wall panels, and other carefully crafted components, our system enhances the way construction projects are approached. Experience faster project completion, reduced labor costs, and excellent construction quality by embracing GETO Global Construction’s aluminium formwork system in Singapore. Unlock the potential of your projects today.