International Management Trainee


Office address:
The global operation management cente – 21F, Building B, Zhongshan Harbor of IDEAS, No. 25 Gangyi Road, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


Description: With the vision of “becoming a global leader in the construction formwork and prefabricated construction industry”, GETO actively layout overseas markets, building the global enterprise. Over years of attentive efforts, our products have been sold well in over 30 countries and regions abroad, all over five continents. We had set up overseas subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, facilitating localization operation. In order to absorb more management talents with international vision, GETO International Marketing Center launched the “International Management Trainee Program” project. If you are a potential leader who enjoys cross-cultural communication and challenges, then the GETO International Management Trainee program is a good opportunity to show yourself.

Positioning: Aiming to reserve excellent talents for the long-term strategic plan of company, the starting point of management traniee is the middle-level manager of the project or department.

Training direction: technical expert, project manager, decision-maker.

Career Path:
The first step, the professional training stage, focus on the training of comprehensive ability, experience different positions, helping you to find the most suitable position.
The second step, the practice accumulation stage, senior executives and professional mentors will participate in cultivation and evaluation to help you grow.
The third step, become a outstanding cadre of International Marketing Center who combines theory with practice.

Qualifications and requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in civil engineering, international trade or related;
2. Have the ability to lead a team, the experience of as a leader in college association, or relevant successful internship experience is preferred;
3. Enthusiastic about engineering technology, clear about your career planning and goals;
4. Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, overseas study and living experience is preferred.

Apply the job now:
Contact: Pei Feng
Tel: +86 138-2471-2832